Full Spectrum CBD vs CBD Isolate

CBD Is More Popular Due to Fewer Laws Restricting Hemp Products

The market for CBD products has exploded in recent years. With the legalization of medical marijuana and all fifty states removing laws to make the sale and use of CBD oils and other products legal, the sale and use of these products has become one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. If you are one of millions of Americans inquiring ‘what is hemp good for?’, then this article is for you.

CBD oil benefits are just becoming well-known thanks possibly to the internet. Since pure CBD oil products are relatively new to a mainstream audience, there are many people currently seeking answers to their questions about hemp and CBD. People want to find a solution to prescription medications, they want natural products to take in place of introducing more chemicals into their bodies.

For some people, nothing else has worked as well as CBD or hemp oil for their anxiety. Other people find that with a CBD cream, they can apply it topical to areas of arthritic joints and have benefits within minutes. Since CBD and hemp oil have been found to have benefits for ADD/ADHD, parents began flocking to use a product that wouldn’t cause side-effects for their hyper active children. Veterans with PTSD find that taking CBD oil, or a tincture thereof, helps to calm them and reduce the constant edginess that comes from constantly being triggered all day long.

What is hemp oil or CBD oil good for? We have begun to stretch the uses by trying it for many other things. The tip of the iceberg has just been scratched. There will undoubtedly be years of research and data collected, far into the future. The long-term benefits are just beginning to be discovered, just to be taken as a healthful supplement to the diet, for example.

CBD benefits are being discovered by more people each day. You can even eat hemp. The meaty part of hemp seeds is also known as hemp hearts and they can be bought by the bag. These seeds are flavorful, packed with protein, loaded with omega fatty acids, and add additional fiber to your diet if you eat them. You cannot get high from eating hemp hearts. Eating hemp hearts can help lower your cholesterol, help decrease weight because of the added fiber to the diet which decreases appetite.

CBD is free of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the ingredient from the plant that has the euphoric psychoactive properties which humans refer to as a ‘high’. THC use can influence your ability to think and perform physically. Reaction times are slowed when using THC products like medical marijuana, mimicking the cognitive effects of alcohol.


A Lot of Confusion

Not only is there confusion about CBD, CBD oil benefits, regarding its association with marijuana and THC, there is also a lot of confusion surrounding the jargon tossed around in the CBD industry. Many people are confused about the ways in which CBD can be extracted, or simply don’t know that there are many different extraction methods that can have an affect on the oil. There are different types of oils, such as those manufactured specifically for vaping. Vaping the CBD oil into your lungs accelerates absorption into the blood supply, happening almost immediately. You can purchase a tincture or full-strength CBD oils. You can purchase 200mg up to 2500mg strength. There are different potencies, which can be confusing to people who don’t see how the same liquid product, in the same sized bottles, could be in a different strength. There is no one single absolute dose either, because you can’t overdose on CBD oil. How then, does a person know what dose they should begin taking? How should they taper up to a dose that feels adequate for them?

There is a lot of confusion. This article will aim to briefly explain all the questions, with a focus on the differences between Full Spectrum CBD Oil and CBD Isolate.


Breaking It Down

A cannabinoid is simply a phytochemical. There are hundreds of phytochemicals in the hemp plant. A phytochemical is a chemical that has a protective quality. They are considered non-essentials because they can be survived without; however, they have properties that have been found to protect against certain illnesses or diseases. That said, they do seem like something that is a good idea for many people to want in their daily diet. If you are suffering with chronic nausea, for example, it is known that cannabinoids can help with the symptoms of stomach upset. This is helpful to those who suffer with medication induced nausea for meds that are must haves due to a major illness. Cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy are often plagued with weakness and nausea from the chemo. Cannabis has been known to help with this and for many, CBD oil is also a fantastic alternative when marijuana with THC in it is not an option due to local laws and ordinances.

Two phytochemicals that come from the hemp plant that we are concerned with here, for this purpose, are THC and CBD (cannabidiol). As earlier stated, these two are separated from each other, so that CBD can be sold with out the psychoactive THC. It should be noted that it is impossible to get all the THC out. It is permissible for CBD oil to contain up to .03% THC and still be legally sold.



When used for medicinal purposes, THC contains more than twenty times the horsepower of aspirin and any other anti-inflammatory. THC even beats out hydrocortisone, having double the strength.



When separated from THC, CBD oil still has a great deal of strength as an anti-inflammatory. For example, those who suffer with bad knees have chemical processes that happen within the body relative to that condition. Inflammation in the knees is always accompanied by enhanced levels of glutamate in the synovial fluid. This is the fluid that lubricates the knee joint and keeps it moving smoothly, like oil in the engine of your car. The high levels of glutamate are problematic because when they reach a toxic level, they create a level of toxicity that escalates inflammation and causes breakdown of cells. Therefore, knees progressively get worse. CBD has been shown to have a positive impact on the glutamate by lowering the overall inflammation, which decreases your pain. It can slow down the progression of knee breakdown if used regularly.

CBD has also been tested and shown to contain exceedingly high levels of antioxidants, vitamins C and E, and has been shown to slow down tumor growth in mice, which is a very promising potential treatment for cancer patients. As you can see, removing the THC doesn’t really diminish most of the amazing properties of the plant. It removes the high that people get, and it may not block pain as effectively in the worst cases that will want medically prescribed marijuana which still contains THC. For the masses, however, CBD oil taken for whatever ails you is going to feel like a miracle drug.

There are other phytochemicals contained in hemp plants that are being explored for their qualities as anti-inflammatories and analgesics. There is no doubt that future medications, tinctures, and oils are on the horizon. More research is needed, and this is an extremely exciting time that we are living in, to see many of these things becoming legalized and manufactured so that they are accessible to everyone


Full Spectrum CBD Oil Facts

PurCBD+ Full Spectrum PhytoCannaBinoiD Oil

The words ‘full spectrum’ could easily be substituted with ‘whole plant’ and that may give you a broader idea of what it means. When you use only one portion of the hemp plant for creating CBD, the concentrations of the oil may be different. Essential ingredients contained within the oil might be lacking, whereas when using the oil obtained from the entire plant, the balance is better. Full spectrum CBD oil is considered a balanced source for your CBD because you are ensured of getting all those additional beneficial ingredients. That is the simplest and easiest to understand explanation. If you’d like the more scientific explanation, there will be links included below.


CBD Isolate Facts

PurCBD Isolate

CBD isolate is sometimes referred to as ‘pure CBD oil’ and this is because it has been separated down to the single molecule. CBD isolate is simply ‘isolated CBD molecules’ which ensures that you are getting a pure product. There are no other active ingredients, allowing you to enjoy the purposes of the CBD. If you are taking it for pain, then you will simply get the best concentrated pain medication.


Comparing the Two

Cannabinoids, including CBD, work exceedingly well for the human body because we have cannabinoid receptors in our bodies. These are referred to as CB1 and CB2 receptors and they are located within the entire human body. It’s hard to argue with the fact that humans were meant to use cannabinoids that occur naturally in our world when you realize that we have specialized receptors in our bodies to accept the cannabinoid into the system and use it. It’s remarkably similar to the serotonin receptors that work to utilize serotonin to maintain moods and ease depression.

When you let the impact of this information sink in, you should have zero concerns with using CBD or cannabinoids to elevate mood, ease anxiety, or to give relief from pain. Our body was designed to use it.


Full Spectrum products

These products are designed and distributed to have the farthest reach. Full spectrum has a broad use because it still has many different cannabinoids and terpenes that can have affects on many different issues and improve overall health. Terpenes are the reason that marijuana smells strongly. Pine trees also contain terpenes. These compounds are thought to make plants have strong odors that protect them from insects and potential predators. Aromatherapy relies on these naturally occurring compounds formed by plants to either attract or detract.


CBD Isolates

Isolating the CBD makes it easier to know proper dosages because you know the real amount of CBD that you are receiving in a dropper full. The terpenes have been removed, leaving less than one percent still in the CBD. If you do not like the smell or the taste of cannabis, you will be able to enjoy the CBD isolate, rather than the full spectrum products. For those new to using CBD oil, the isolate might be the best way for you to start off, so that you get a feel for the way it works for you, without the smell or taste being a detractor. Also, some people simply don’t want others around them to know that they are using a hemp product, like at work. Using an isolate will allow you to take your dose without a lasting aroma on your breath that may lead a boss or coworker to think you have been smoking marijuana on your lunch break.

CBD isolates also allow you to mix them in food, cook with them, or pour right into your morning coffee. You’ll never know that you are taking the oil. If you need to dose a child for ADHD, you may find that you can add CBD isolate into some fruit juice without it being detected at all. Isolate allows for adding the oil to soap or creams to create another CBD oil product that people will use because the smell is not detectable within the creams or soaps.


The process is more involved in creating CBD isolate. You will likely pay more for an isolate product versus a full spectrum CBD oil for this reason. It takes more plant matter to create it, because it breaks it down so much to get to the isolated CBD molecules. More steps and specialized equipment must be used, and more waste is produced.


Determining Which Is Best for You

If you have never used a CBD product and you wish to utilize it for a specific ailment, like diabetes, you may need to try each type of oil and make your own determinations as to which works best for you. You may like the way one makes you feel in comparison. You may prefer the isolate to the way it works on your specific needs. If you need to regulate the amount you use closely, to determine if you are getting enough, or the correct dosage, then the isolate may be more suitable.

CBD oil is not addictive, and you cannot overdose on the oil or on any products thereof. You can take more if you need to. You can take it once per day or you might find that it works best for you to take it two times per day, or even three times. You may like being able to take it only when needed, for pain or for anxiety attacks. With cannabinoids, the choices are more up to you and that is a big plus for a lot of people as well.

There are many things to think about, learn and explore. There is a lot of educational information out there on the internet but there is also bad information. Aside from reading, talk to people and ask questions. Scientific sources are your best options for reading case studies for your specific ailments. There have been research studies done for almost every single ailment and the use of CBD oil associated with that condition.

Pay close attention to make sure that you are reading new information. Anything that is more than a couple of years old is already outdated because laws are constantly changing, and new research is being done daily. CBD oil that is bought from reputable manufacturers is absolutely safe and not habit forming. You don’t get addicted to CBD oil no matter the form. You may become addicted to feeling better, but your body doesn’t become chemically addicted.

It is safe to say that more products will be introduced in the coming months and the only way that you can possibly keep up with the avalanche of information following will be to read everything you can find. Ask questions of professionals, shop owners and others who have been using CBD oil will be an excellent source of information for you.

Remember that there is nothing to fear about addiction or getting high. You might encounter some mild side-effects that typically dissipate in time. If you use too much at first, you can suffer loose stools. Just reduce the amount until a week goes by and then gradually build up from a starting point. Some people say that they get very sleepy or tired. This is also attributable to taking too much. Lower your dosage until your body builds a bit of tolerance and then ease your dose higher until pain or symptoms are both reduced.



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