Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil vs Cannabis Sativa vs Industrial Hemp

One Plant, Endless Confusion

Hemp has been around for as long as there have been humans on this planet, as far as we can tell. Hemp fibers have been found in pottery that is roughly ten thousand years old. It was discovered near an ancient village sight in the area of modern-day Taiwan. Hemp cord was used to strengthen the pottery.  Hemp was also used in making clothing from its fibers.

This makes hemp one of the oldest crops of our planet. Hemp has many uses but there is a great deal of confusion about this plant, probably because there are so many uses and different types of products that can come from hemp.


One plant, endless confusion. A good explanation will help unlock all the secrets of hemp, the plant that many say will save the world.


Hemp is the name of the plant. The plant fibers can be used to create materials, add to things like pottery for stability, and in our modern world hemp may have uses as insulation or in homebuilding materials.


The leaves of the hemp plant, along with the body of the plant, can be crushed so that the natural oils are extracted. Within the plant are phytocompounds. Two that we are concerned with right now are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol).

These are also known as cannabinoids because they contain it. THC is the part of the oil that causes people to get high. CBD, in and of itself, does not.


Cannabinoids are a natural ingredient and the human body has receptors to accept cannabinoids and metabolize them fully. This means that we were meant to use hemp.

The Chinese discovered that hemp is useful for medicinal purposes. This discovery came approximately three thousand years ago.


When the buds of the plant are smoked (marijuana), the THC within the plant is concentrated and causes a euphoric high. This can be like being drunk for some people.

While under the effects of marijuana judgement is impaired as well as cognitive function and physical responses. Speech can be slurred. It is for this reason that marijuana use has largely been illegal until the most recent ten years.


Many states have begun legislating that marijuana for medical use is legal. Some states have gone even further and allow it for person use, but not to be sold in large quantity.

Honestly, there is much to be worked out in these laws. There are loopholes, things that make little sense and confusion. For this reason, people need to learn more about the hemp plant and how all the products of it effect humans and should be.

It is the THC in hemp that causes the high effect. With research, it has been learned that the CBD can be extracted from the plant and separated from the THC. The CBD has much of the same medicinal value for humans as marijuana does.


CBD oil is extracted from the entire hemp plant. The plant material is chopped up, and one of three methods are used to extract the oil. Depending on the process, the oil can be dark in color, with a strong smell and flavor.

Terpenes are responsible for that odor and taste. Some people find it appealing while other people, perhaps those new to using CBD that have never tried marijuana, will consider them to be too strong. Some people prefer the terpenes to be included in their oil and that is completely up to them.

At this point, more research needs to be done as to whether there is benefit from leaving them. There is no harm either way and it doesn’t make the CBD oil less effective.


 Source: CBDschool


Choosing a CBD that has been extracted using a CO2 method will likely have fewer terpenes, if you feel that is going to be an issue for you. It is also the extraction method that gets the most CBD oil from the plant matter and doesn’t introduce any chemicals into the process.

The other two common processes use artificial means, by adding solvents, chemicals or distilling. They are not as efficient in their extraction ability and as stated, they introduce other chemicals into your CBD.

If you are using CBD oil to avoid using artificially produced medications in your body, then it makes little sense to use CBD with additives as well.


CBD oil is pulled away (extracted) from the THC but there will still be trace amounts, because it is simply impossible to remove every bit of the THC from the CBD.

The production of CBD is regulated so that no CBD can be sold if it contains more than .03% of THC. This means that you won’t get high and it would be an extreme rarity for anyone to test positive on a drug test.


Drug tests only check for THC in your system, not the rest of the plant. It would take a lot of CBD oil to ever cause you to have enough THC in your body to ever fail a drug test, so relax on that point. While it isn’t impossible, the odds are not strong that you’d ever fail a drug test.

Some people get CBD oil confused with hemp oil, also called hemp seed oil. Hemp oil is extracted from cold-pressed hemp plant seeds. Hemp seeds are also processed to have the meaty center removed, like pine nuts or sunflower seeds.

These meaty centers are called hemp hearts and they are sold by the bag. They also contain no THC, but they are wonderfully good for you.


High in omegas and vitamins, they are an added source of fiber to your diet and they are also extremely high in protein. This makes them better than flax seeds to add to salads, protein shakes and to otherwise supplement your diet. Hemp seeds are also quite tasty. If you have not tried them as a dietary addition, you should try them.



So now that you understand some of the most important part of the plant called hemp, you may still have questions surrounding the legalities of what can be used and what can’t.

This seems to be the biggest issue with people fearing the use of CBD. It is associated with marijuana and not widely understood by people that it is a different product, without the THC.


It would be most simply put to say that CBD products and hemp seed oil, as well as the seeds themselves, are fine to use and legal. Essentially, these products are all legal to use, though these laws are questioned and challenged constantly by those who have less than a thorough understanding.

There is no THC in these products. They cannot get you high. There is no euphoria. There is no loss of motor skills or cognitive ability. There is no reason for them to be restricted.


Marijuana does contain THC. In fact, marijuana connoisseurs have been cross-breeding different strains of hemp plants for many years to create strains that had certain smells, different effects, and potency. Therefore, possession of the buds of the hemp plant (marijuana) is illegal.

That is, unless you live in a state where use is regulated, legal, and you’ve acquired yours following the state guidelines put in place, which differ from state to state.

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There are a lot of legal battles to still be had in this industry, whether it be over marijuana or CBD or hemp products. There is more to learn about these issues, more education to be done and there are many more products to be developed.

New types of CBD oil are introduced almost every day, with different flavors added to them, supplements made in combination with the CBD so that people will want to use it daily to supplement their diets.

Taking CBD daily, incidentally, has been shown to have benefit and helps many people have less overall anxiety and stress in their lives.


Sativa or Hemp?

Now that you understand the difference in the products and have learned some of the lingo, it should be easy to understand this next concept. Sativa and industrial hemp are the same thing, but they are developed for two vastly different uses. 

Sativa refers to those plants that have been cultivated to be stronger, have various concentrations of THC that are stronger than normal, and vary in the smell and flavor that they produce.

Sativa is grown for the medicinal marijuana use and it is high in concentrations of THC. It is highly illegal to grow this without licensing in place.

It is illegal to possess or purchase it without a medical card, from a proper place that has been state licensed to handle and sell the products. Legal marijuana is extremely regulated, as an industry.


In some states, you may own a small amount of personal use cannabis sativa plants. You are still not allowed to sell it. The price you pay may also be quite different from one state to another.

Some states will literally charge you for drug trafficking and that is not something you want a record of. Other states will have a simple possession charge that isn’t even a felony anymore. It is very much your responsibility to know what you are doing and what the price you could pay is.


On the other hand, you can use CBD oil that can be purchased in a shop or online, without worry over having a criminal record. CBD oil is infused in creams, shampoos, and ointments that can be rubbed directly on your skin.

Products made with hemp seed oil are also made in the same ways. New products are hitting the market every day. This is an industry that is exploding right now.


CBD oil is made specifically for using in vaping pens and you can get flavors mixed with it. While this might seem strange to a novice, those who are using CBD for medical reasons, such as PTSD, find that they can get nearly instant relief by inhaling the product.

Anything introduced through the lungs is taking directly into the blood stream and bypasses the need to be digested and metabolized by the body, which can 20 minutes or longer.


CBD and hemp products come from a different type of hemp plant that is referred to as industrial hemp. This strain is cultivated to be naturally low in THC. It has far less than cannabis sativa.

This makes the extraction process easier and ensures that all the oil collected will contain less than the .03% limit allowed by law.


These plants are grown by growers who specialize in this crop. They are also regulated and highly scrutinized. Not just anyone can decide to grow industrial hemp. There is still too much that can go wrong because people have a general lack of trust in the hemp industry.

There is no doubt that more people, just like yourself, are doing a lot of reading and learning about the products right now because this is a booming business.


There appears to be no end in sight to the benefits and potential uses of CBD and hemp related products. As people grow more comfortable with these products and more knowledgeable in their uses and why they work, the demand will continue to grow.


More regulation will likely come down the road. Right now, there is very little regulation in CBD products, other than making sure that the plants are industrial hemp and that the final products contain no more than .03% THC, everything else is relatively fair game.


Finding places where you can purchase products is amazingly easy now. Thousands of websites are searchable on any search engine. Researching products is simple and you can be directed to local shops or find a place where you can order what you need online.


Self-education is the best thing to do, as with everything. You are looking to help your migraines maybe? Ask others if they have gotten relief for their own migraines.

Ask how many milligrams worked for them. Do they recommend a specific brand? Talking to others and word of mouth is still the best advertising that there is. Good reviews also are a wonderful thing and every brand and shop online is going to have searchable reviews. You should do your due diligence and check these out.


Try more than one product. Choose from different companies and experiment a bit if you feel the need. The products will come in many different dosages. You’ll see oils available in 250mg and 2500mg.

You will likely be confused over how much you should use. A good place to start is somewhere in the middle, knowing that you can always taper up your dose as you feel necessary.

You can’t take too much CBD oil. You cannot overdose on it, it will not harm you. There is no need to take more than necessary because there is no high that comes from use. Simply take what you need until you feel good.


Your mood will be enhanced. You’ll find that you have a bit more patience than you typically do. CBD oil helps even the average person without aches and pains deal with life just a little better, with a better mood and a bigger smile.

If you suffer from not being able to just relax and be able to sleep well, then you should give CBD or hemp oil a try and see if it doesn’t make you feel calmer and relaxed.


While you cannot purchase CBD oil unless you are of a certain age, typically eighteen but state-mandated, it is safe to give to pets and to children. Many parents are using CBD for their children who have ADHD, rather than using prescription drugs.

Pets, like dogs with separation anxiety, will be calmer and less reactive. This is a natural product for which your body has built-in systems ready and waiting to receive. Why not use it?


The only real argument against using CBD and hemp oil products is from a lack of understanding. One you realize that it was literally created on this earth as long ago as we were, and our bodies were designed to use it for whatever purposes we chose, it seems like the completely natural choice.


There is no genuinely good reason not to use CBD oil of you can find any benefit to it. It will do you no harm and may do you a world of good in return.

Look into it, do your research. Read everything that you can find. Find the perspective of those who use the products. Speak to your own doctor if you think that is a good idea.

Know that your conscious should be clear and your body should feel good. No one has any real right to tell you that a product that contains nothing harmful in it is wrong for you. Find out the facts and then confidently make your first purchase, a step toward a better life.



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