Why do so many People want Cannabis to be Legalized during the Pandemic?

There have been major changes in how people all over the globe view cannabis over the past few years, especially since the outbreak of Covid-19.

There was a survey carried out in the 1980s in the United States that saw only twenty-four per cent of Americans supported the legalization of the controversial substance. That figure almost trebled when a similar survey was carried out in 2018. 

California was the first state in America to legalize cannabis for medicinal purposes in 1996, however, it didn’t take long for other states to follow suit.

Today, there are 36 states in America where people can legally purchase weed for medicinal use, and in 16 of these states, you can purchase cannabis for recreational use.

Throughout Canada, you can buy cannabis for both recreational and medicinal use. You can buy pot from a physical dispensary or you can easily purchase weed online in Canada instead. 

Since the pandemic began, marijuana advocates all over the world have been pushing to get cannabis legalized. Here are a few reasons why so many people want cannabis legalized during these unprecedented times. 

The Economy

The recent pandemic has had a devastating impact on the world’s economy. With countries all over the globe looking to bounce back economically, legalizing cannabis can help.

With people out of work all over the world due to the current crisis and small and large businesses forced to close, the rate of unemployment is staggering. 

The government in America has been collecting information on how legalizing cannabis can impact the economy, and their findings are incredible. In 2019, Colorado generated over $302 million in fees and taxes on recreational and medical marijuana. 

Legalizing cannabis will not only help generate money for a state or a country, but it will also help create a lot of jobs too.

Most cannabis dispensaries need a lot of employees including “budtenders”, delivery people, cleaners, security, accountants, the list goes on.

There are lots of people employed in the growing sector too. New Frontier Data, who do a lot of cannabis market research claim that there are at least 250,000 people employed in the legal cannabis industry in America.

However, those are just the workers who are directly involved with handling weed plants, so there are lots more involved in other sectors of the industry. 

Weed can Encourage People to Stay at Home

Since early 2020 when the outbreak spread all over the world, medical experts and scientists have been advising everyone to stay indoors and only go out for essential items. This has proved extremely challenging for most people. 

However, a lot of people feel that cannabis motivates them to stay indoors. The substance can help relieve boredom and it can make time go by a lot faster.

People who use cannabis regularly often have no intention of leaving the house when they consume weed anyway, even before the pandemic. In most pot stores, especially in the best dispensary in Toronto, there is a wide range of different strains to choose from.

Weed produced from an Indica plant is perfect for those wanting to stay indoors. It gives people a relaxing high, which is ideal for those wanting to relax, put their feet up and watch some television.

When people purchase cannabis on the black market, their choice is often limited, so customers can rarely choose between different strains. 

A lot of weed dispensaries have a delivery service so people don’t physically have to go into their local dispensary when they want to purchase pot.

Instead, they can order potent cannabis from the comfort of their home which is great to help reduce the risk of contracting or spreading the deadly virus. 


Growing Weed gives people something to do during the Pandemic

Finding something to do while you are stuck indoors morning, noon and night are not easy. A lot of people broke Covid-19 restrictions all over the world because they were bored.

People have done a lot of things to avoid feeling bored, and growing cannabis plants is one of them. 

In many areas where you can buy cannabis legally, authorities often allow people to cultivate cannabis from their homes.

Although growing good weed is not easy, it is a challenge that many people have taken on during these strange times.

In a lot of households, money has been tight since the pandemic began. So instead of spending a mini fortune in a dispensary, they grow weed themselves instead. 

In areas where cannabis is still illegal, growing equipment still seems easy to find. A lot of online stores and other grow stores sell lots of different growing equipment that can be used to cultivate marijuana. 

Most Physical Dispensaries Enforce Covid-19 Restrictions

To help reduce the number of people contracting Covid-19, most stores enforce strict regulations. Budtenders and other employees at most dispensaries are encouraged to practice social distancing with people inside the store.

A lot of dispensaries will have markings on the floor to remind customers and employees to keep a safe distance from each other.

Most dispensaries will not allow customers inside unless they are wearing a face mask and they are also encouraged to wash their hands.

A lot of dealers on the black market won’t enforce the same restrictions. Most dealers don’t own a physical store, so trying to practice social distancing, especially when the transaction is being made can prove very difficult. 

Reduce Crime

In 2019, over half a million people were arrested for marijuana-related crimes in the United States, almost all of which were for possession of the substance.

Many people, especially during the pandemic, feel that it is a total waste of taxpayers’ money. A lot of money could be generated and saved by legalizing marijuana.

Let's take British Columbia in Canada as an example. Between 2003 and 2013, well before the country decided to legalize weed, there were just less than 50,000 people who had been tried, charged, or detained for marijuana-related crimes.

The Liberal Party in British Columbia predicts that they will save CAD 5 million each year by legalizing weed. Instead of spending a fortune arresting people for possession, the money can go towards financing healthcare and education.

A lot of people are convinced that marijuana-related crimes are an excuse to arrest people who live in black and brown communities.

During the pandemic, racism has been a hot topic and people all over the world feel different ethnic groups, especially black people are being targeted. In America, a black person is 3.6 more likely to get arrested for cannabis possession in comparison to a white person.

These figures are one of the reasons why a lot of people in the black and brown communities have a bad relationship with authorities. Many feel that if cannabis was legalized it will help get rid of a lot of the tension between those working in law enforcement and the public.




During the pandemic, people have had to work together to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, which is difficult when there are so many issues between authorities and the public. Now that there is less stigma surrounding cannabis, many believe that the substance will be legalized, even in countries where many felt it would never be possible.

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