Ice Cream Cookies Strain: Information And Facts

It’s said that the Ice Cream Cookies strain is the perfect strain for those with a sweet tooth who love a balanced high that pulls evenly from both the indica and sativa spectrum. A more recent strain on the scene in a sea of other new strains, where does our Ice Cream Cookies strain fall? 

Those that have used this strain say the effects are quite euphoric, with a strong focus on relaxing the user without putting them to sleep. That it leaves an incredible vanilla aroma with hints of fruit and mint on the tongue immediately after toking. 

Does the Ice Cream Cookies strain live up to its delicious namesake? While many say yes, a few say a strong no? Let’s find out if Ice Cream Cookies will go down as one of the best of the best or if it’s just another redundant strain among too many. 



Ice Cream Cake Cookies strain Facts 

  • Type: Indica 
  • Appearance: Fluffy, vibrant green buds with dark orange hairs
  • Top Cannabinoids: THC 26% and CBG 2%
  • Main Terpenes: Caryophyllene
  • Aroma: Vanilla 
  • Flavor: Vanilla, mint, and tree fruit 
  • Top Effects: Stimulates Appetite and Calming 
  • Best For: depression, anxiety, and eating disorders
  • Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics
  • Parent Strains: Gelato 33 and Wedding Cake
  • Similar Strains: Ice Cream Cake 

Is Ice Cream Cookies A Sativa Or Indica?

Ice Cream Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid that plays true to the thought that Indica strains relax you. However, one place this doesn’t play up the indica vs. sativa strain myth is with its high THC content. While some Ice Cream Cookies phenotypes deliver around 20% THC, many others can reach close to 30%. This means it’s always smart to approach this normally balanced strain with caution. 

Are Cookies and Cream Strains Good?

With reasonable levels of THC that bounce around in the 20% range and a tasty vanilla flavor, Ice cream, cake, and cookie strains tend to be very popular among both newcomers and season tokers. Their CBG content can help keep the strain from being too aggressive, but newcomers may still find these strains too much if it’s from a higher THC phenotype. Those sensitive to THC may also struggle with too intense of a high. 

Cake, cookie, and cream strains tend to be more recently developed strains, many times still in development. As such, not a lot of information is out there about them. This makes it an exceptionally fun strain for growers looking to discover the strain's unique characteristics. 



Ice Cream Cookies Strain THC Content 

Ice Cream Cookie strains almost always have a THC content between 20-30%, making them fairly strong strains, especially for newcomers and those used to 70s weed. So make sure to pay close attention to the advertised THC content when buying from a dispensary. 

What Cookie strain Is best?

There are so many Cookie strains to pick from and it can get downright intimidating. To name a few, there is the Animal Cookies Strain, Grape Cookies, White Cookies, Tropicana Cookies, Tangie Cookies, GMO Cookies, Monster Cookies, and of course, our Ice Cream Cookies strain. 

Without a doubt, the Ice Cream Cookies strain is great for newcomers, with many loving its balance effects that pull from both the “indica” and “sativa” spectrum. 

But perhaps, even better is the original OG, Girl Scout Cookies, often shortened to just GSC. The original Girl Scout Cookies strain tends to produce balance effects with a strong desire to be euphoria-focused. It's also a perfectly split hybrid between indica and sativa, which most cannabis partakers prefer. 

Meet The Parent Strains

One of the best ways to get an idea of the characteristics of a newer strain like Ice Cream Cookies is to check out its parents. This is especially a smart idea if the strain is a first or second generation cross, and many times, it appears Ice Cream Cookies are. 

Gelato 33 — A sweet and powerful hybrid known for its ability to majorly boost daytime energy without leaving the user feeling frazzled. Aroma and flavor are herbal, peppery, citrus, and cookie. 

Wedding Cake — Sometimes called Pink Cookies, this indica-dominant hybrid is said to have strong calming and appetite-stimulating effects, making it great for medical use. Aroma and flavor is sweet and fruit, with some saying it’s reminiscent of cherry pie. 

What Are The Strongest Sativa And Indica Strains?

Trying to find the most potent sativa or indica strain can be incredibly challenging. This is because people have different definitions of what makes a marijuana strain strong. Most will point to a strain with high concentrations of THC, but these strains can also have high levels of CBD and CBN that can offset THC’s uneven but intense potency. 

Then body chemistry and the terpenes play a critical role in determining how much and what you feel from a particular strain. For the sake of simplicity, here are some high-THC strains that many newcomers find to be a bit too powerful, but season tokers find perfect. 

High-THC sativa strains include Huckberry (27%), Shogun (25%) Mother Gorilla (23%), Royal Runtz (27%), El Patron (22%), and the classic Sour Diesel (26%). 

High-THC indica strains include Strawberry Banana (26%), Death Star (27%) Ice Wreck (27%), Chocolate OG (26%), Grease Monkey (26%), and our Ice Cream Cookie Strains which average around 25% THC. 

Is The Ice Cream Cookies Strain Right For Me? 

While there isn’t the same amount of info for the Ice Cream Cookies strain that there is for the OG strains, from what we can see, this is one incredible strain for many. Newcomers and season tokers will love its aroma, flavor, and balanced effects. Season tokers will fall in love with the phenotypes that tend to produce higher THC percentages, while newcomers and those sensitive to THC will love the ones that only produce around 20%. 


Ice Cream Cookies Strain

No phenotype of the Ice Cream Cookies strain appears to produce high amounts of CBD, which may turn some off. However, with notable CBG levels that balance out its strong THC concentrations, many find this strain is still wonderful for medicinal use. 

Speaking of how to use it, most prefer partaking in Ice Cream Cookies in the late afternoon and night. At first, it can help revive your energy but, definitely won’t make it hard to fall asleep later in the night. 

All-in-all, for many, the indica-dominant Ice Cream Cookies will quickly become their favorite strain to indulge in. Sweet, creamy vanilla, and perfectly balanced as all things should be, the Ice Cream Cookies strain is one new strain you can’t afford to miss. 

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