Top 5 Ways to Identify High Quality CBD

You Know What It Is but Now What?

You’ve done some reading and you know what CBD oil is, but you are at a loss from that point. Like many people, you want to give it a try, so where do you buy CBD oil? When you have made the decision to use CBD buy the best that you can afford. The obvious questions that come to mind for most people are, “where and how to buy CBD oil.”

How would you know if you are even receiving a good quality product? Not all CBD oils are the same and some out there are even not that great for you. If you don’t know the answer to any of these questions, then it makes it very difficult to find what is going to work best for you. A lot of people fear talking about it with other people because they fear judgement. Depending on where you live, sometimes the stigma that comes with using CBD oil is fierce because people simply aren’t educated in the facts about CBD oil. The main thing to remember is that CBD oil comes from hemp, not from marijuana. They are from the same family, but they aren’t the same. THC is what causes people to be high, and THC is not present in CBD oil in amounts that will cause anyone to experience being high.

Reading is a great step in the right direction. Research, thankfully, is made relatively easy with help from the internet. You can watch videos and read manufacturer information. This article will aim to answer your many questions and point out the best ways to determine that what you are buying is the right product and best product for you when it comes to things you need to know before buying CBD oil. Let’s break it down.


How Was It Made?

There are vast differences in the ways that some manufacturers extract their CBD from the hemp plant. These extraction methods can make a difference in the concentration of the product, the taste, and the color. Aside from those differences that are more obvious, there are also chemical differences in the composition of the product. Some of the very important ingredients and their effects can be impacted by heating, for example. You will also learn that some companies use the entire plant, and some don’t. The aim here is to teach you what is better, and it might not be what you think.

Decarboxylation is a process by which plants are heated to a very specific temperature before extracting the oil itself. This is an important part of the process, but if you heat it too high, you can change the composition of the CBD oil in the end, which could cause a change in the benefits to you. Not all processes heat the plant. Here is an overview of the most common methods of extracting the CBD oil from the plant.

Steam distillation processes were once the most common method. While you may still find some CBD oil that is extracted in this way, it will be doubtful that any of the larger CBD processors will be using this technique. There are better ways in existence. For distillation, a lot of equipment was necessary and often took up a great deal of space. Think of an old still that was being used for alcohol. Similar process but not as great for extracting CBD oil. The heat can damage the oil and the steam method also leaves a lot of the oil behind, which is money the manufacturer is losing. No business wants to waste materials and this process wastes a lot of the plant in the process. Better methods are now used that help keep costs down, which in-turn keeps the overall cost lower for the consumer.

Solvent extraction is used currently but is not considered a preferred method by many consumers. It’s more efficient, but it isn’t less complex. Solvents are used instead of steam. Just that sentence is a turn-off to many consumers. Who wants something that has been collected using solvent? The type of solvents varies only slightly. Alcohol can be used as a solvent. Sometimes other chemicals are used. The plant material is mixed with the solvent. The actual CBD oil binds with the alcohol so that they can be removed together. The fibrous plant material is typically removed by a spinning process, as in a centrifuge. After that process, the solvent is then extracted, leaving the oil. Even though there is more to the process after that, there is no way to 100% remove the alcohol or other solvent that may have been used.

Some of the solvents used have been deemed ‘may or not be safe for human consumption’ and as long as the amounts left behind fall under certain levels in the final product, they can find their way into your body. For many, this is not an acceptable form of processing and most consumers will choose another version of CBD oil. This method is still relatively common, so it is on the consumer’s shoulders to do their research and find out which method is used by the company they are buying their CBD oil from. 

CO2 extraction is most likely the best possible choice for the concerned consumer. This method is relatively simple and doesn’t introduce any chemicals into the oil. Pure carbon dioxide is pumped into the sealed container holding the plant material. Carbon dioxide, for those who forget, is the by-product of human breathing and is needed by plants to survive. This means that there is absolutely nothing being added that would change the chemical composition of the CBD oil. Carbon dioxide is also not harmful to the human body, creating a win-win situation.

This method works the same basic way that the solvent process does. The oil binds with the carbon dioxide and is easily extracted from the plant matter at that point. Specialized equipment is used for the extraction, but the efficiency of this method is better than all other methods, which lowers costs across the board. This method is the only one which is both efficient and 100% free of chemical additives. This process ensures that it is CBD pure hemp oil, once it is extracted.  If you are thinking about purchasing CBD buy this one!

CBD oil for sale may not actually list the extraction process in the details of the ad. You may have to do some homework. There is nothing more worth your time than learning where to buy CBD that is good quality. It only takes a small bit of work and perhaps asking a few questions to know whether this is going to be the best quality CBD oil for you.


Getting to the Source

The manufacturing process is important, but where did the hemp plants come from that the manufacturer of the oil is using? This is also important. Where chemicals introduced during the growth process? Discriminating CBD oil consumers buy their CBD 1 step at a time. They research their choices and make certain that the growers are organic if possible; not using harmful chemicals at the very least. Everyone is hanging out ‘CBD oil for sale’ signs and the only way you will know what to expect is to do some reading ahead of time. Obviously, that is why you are here, reading.

You should know that the hemp plant easily absorbs things from the soil it is grown in. Some plants do this more readily than others, and hemp is one of those plants. These types of plants are called ‘hyperaccumulators’ and this is important for you to know. Anything bad in the soil of hemp plants is going to end-up in your final products that are made with CBD oil from those plants.

Try to buy hemp products that are sourced from within the USA. Farmers of hemp are required to be certified by state Departments of Agriculture. This information can typically be found on the company websites from which you are attempting to purchase CBD oil.


Know How Much THC is In Your CBD Oil

THC is only allowed to be at an optimum level of .03% in CBD oil. Companies who manufacture the oil are required to constantly monitor and check these levels on every batch of oil they package. You can ask to see these results for proof. What you will want to see is that you are getting the highest level, while still being legal. The THC in the product is what gives you a feeling of being ‘high’ and that can impact your ability to react. You will notice that you are not able to think or move as well if you are high from THC. CBD has low levels of THC because the hemp plant doesn’t have as much THC in it to begin with compared to marijuana.

It’s important to understand that some THC is still there because the plants are from the same family. It is also important to understand that there are a lot of steps in the extraction process and if anything is done incorrectly, you could end up with too much THC. This is considered a poorly made product and would not be optimal for your use. You may notice mental impairment from these products that you would not notice if you were using a pure spectrum cbd oil.


Whole Plant/Pure Spectrum

Another thing to be on the watch for is to read the label and make sure that you are getting the ‘whole plant’ CBD oil, which is often called ‘pure spectrum.’ This ensures that you are getting the full benefit of the oil derived from the entire plant. It is believed that the terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids from the hemp plant all work together. They have a symbiotic relationship that means they work best when they work as a group for you. The way they help you will be incredibly more beneficial if they are all present. Pure spectrum CBD is going to give you a lot more bang for your buck, to put it in simple terms.


Third Party Results

Any good quality CBD oil seller is going to have third party testing results that they can show you. By having an independent third-party doing testing, there is no bias involved. You will get very clear results about what is in your oil. This may seem an extreme step to take for some people, but when it comes to what is being absorbed by all your cells, can you honestly be too extreme? Today, when everyone around you knows someone who has had cancer, some more than once, and many of them have died from it, you should want to know what you are introducing into your body.

A reputable company will have results that can be shared with you immediately. Some will post results on websites. Some results will be packaged with products. Lab tests should be recent and will be dated. Don’t be afraid to ask for them!

Once something like mercury is introduced into your body, it is quickly absorbed into your cells and can make your deathly ill and high levels of mercury can kill you. The average person understands how serious this is. Sadly, most of us are very trusting and think that products that we purchase are going to be safe. Make it a practice to check the products that you consume, either orally or through vaping. A side note on vaping – keep your vape pen clean. Bacteria can build up and be entering your lungs from a dirty vape pen. Don’t risk bronchitis, pneumonia or worse because the vape pen is dirty.


The More You Know

Knowledge is power. The expression is an old one, but it is a true one. When you know all the details about products that you use, you are keeping yourself safe. You keep your family safe with some research too. A few minutes of your time to read a report, a short message to a company to ask for a report, or asking questions from customer service, will all educate you to make the best decisions about the products you use.

It doesn’t have to end with CBD oil. CBD is considered an enhancement to the lives of people. You will feel happier, less stressed, more focused, and more present in the moments of each day. Why not do all you can to make your life further enhanced by learning how to be a better consumer? It helps the environment when we are all wiser consumers too. An additional benefit is that when we ask questions of manufacturers, we are holding them more accountable as well. We inadvertently teach companies how they can treat us and what we will and will not accept as normal. If you use your dollars to support companies that benefit you and care about you, other companies will follow suit and change their protocols to be able to compete. The other option for them is that they go out of business for trying to sell an inferior product. Either way, the consumer is the one who wins.

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A Quick Word About Side-effects

CBD oil is a wonderful product and can have many benefits, but there are potentially some side-effects that you might want to know about. You may feel high. How to know if you are high? Typically, if you feel light-headed and unable to operate machinery, or your reaction times are impaired, that would be an example of being high. You should not feel this way from quality CBD oil.

Sometimes, when you are new to using CBD oil, you may experience cramps or diarrhea if you take a dose too large to start with. Changing to a lower dose will generally stop these symptoms right away and you will be able to taper back up to a larger dose after a week or so.

Headaches can be a side-effect of using too much CBD oil at one time. Lower your dose or lengthen the time between doses. As you build a tolerance to the product, these headaches typically subside. You can purchase CBD oil in 1000mg doses and 2500mg doses. It may be advisable to start with the lower mg dosage so that you can gradually increase your dose until you feel a full effect.

There really are no other known ‘adverse side effects’ from taking CBD oil. In general, it is advisable to start at a lower dose and taper up to a dose that works for you without causing any of the above symptoms. CBD is tolerated very well by most people. This is the reason that CBD is so very popular and continues to gain in popularity. CBD oil is incorporated into creams that can be applied topically for those who suffer with joint pain, especially from arthritis. Soaps with CBD oil are being made and you can purchase gummy candies with CBD oil if you find the taste off-putting. Taking CBD oil on an empty stomach, and dropping it under the tongue (sublingual), will cause it to take effect more quickly than if taken with food.



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