Learn About the Benefits and History of White Widow

Are you hearing the name of White Widow for the first time then don't let it scare you off. This is the famous hybrid strain known for being highly potent. White Widow is a staple strain used for both recreational and medicinal purposes. 


White Widow

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1. Origin of White Widow 

The term CBD strain is used to refer to hybrid varieties meant for medical and recreational purposes.

These strains can be of two types, either hybrid or pure. The latter category is divided into three different species, including Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. And these three are further developed by growers to make them more effective for marketing or medical purposes. 

Although the origin of the white widow is unknown yet according to a myth, it is said that white widow feminized weed seeds were selectively cultivated in Kerala’s mountains in Southern India. 

2. Appearance, Taste, and Smell of White Widow 

White widow buds are covered densely in frosty white crystals, and due to its sugared look, it is called “White Widow.” The color of this bud remains white for two reasons: it has a tendency not to fully color up when it is even ready to harvest, and also, it contains the resin gland. 

Smell: White widow emits a pungent odor of wood, earth, spices, and herbs. You could almost compare it with the smell of pepper. 

Taste: White widow’s smoke is considered sweet, having flavors of pine, earth, and citrus. It is common about White Widow bud’s taste that is citrusy when smoked.

3. Growing Guide 

When it comes to growing White Widow loves high temperatures. This bud grows in warm regions since it requires lots of sunshine and a high temperature to grow. Luckily, this bud is a low-maintenance strain.

It is considered that the White Widow’s growth rate is higher within the indoor environment as it is prone to have hydroponic growth. Moreover, growing White Widow indoors is a better option because it flowers faster indoors as compared to the outdoor environment.

It is also suggested to keep the moisture level low in order to prevent mildew. Make sure to set the temperature between seventy to eighty degrees Fahrenheit when you are growing indoor plants. 

4. Type of White Widow 

This strain can be of three types and can contain a mix of Sativa and indica. Users of this strain have several options to choose from, but the main strains include: 

  • White Rhino

White Rhino is a cross of White Widow. This one originates from India, Brazil, and Afghanistan and has high THC content. This is also famous about these buds of this strain that it gives a heady high and strong to users. It is easily recognizable by its dark to light green leaves, an aroma that mixes sweet, earthy, and woody smell, and short stature.

  • White Berry

This is the combination of blueberry with White Widow and also known as Blue Widow, depending on the seeds and on the grower. This type of stain is neither too energizing nor a sedative. This one is considered perfect for a breezy afternoon.

  • White Satin

Fifty percent of Sativa and the same percentage of indica strain, many patients like this strain because it offers stimulating and fresh effects along with exotic flavors. This strain has a smooth and fruity flavor that resembles blueberry pie and apricot. The effect of this strain makes the consumers serene, energized, and takes the anxiety away. It is also considered medically beneficial for those who are seeking treatment for depression, migraines, anxiety, chronic fatigue, headache, and many others.

  • White Russian

This is also a hybrid strain. White Russian strain is extremely fragrant, containing fruits, sweets, skunk, and spices. Consumers of this strain described that the smoke of this bud is a bit harsh. And its effect makes one feel quickly energized and motivated. If one takes a heavy dose of this substance, it can lead to drowsiness.

5. White Widow Used for Medical and Recreational Purposes

    Don’t sell the high potency of this strain short, which is not only uplifting but psychoactive too. It offers a well-balanced high that keeps you positive, mentally active, and also keeps your body and mind relaxed. The different cerebral effects caused by this strain include a boost in creativity and raise the spirit. Below are some more benefits of White Widow:

    • Provide Relief against Chronic Pain

    White Widow’s recreational use has made it more famous, but a number of researches found this strain useful for many medical purposes. It has found that White Widow strain is effective in treating different ailments including cachexia, post-traumatic stress disorder, hepatitis C and many more.

    Chronic pains can also be treated with the help of this strain instead of using OxyContin and morphine; moreover, it is also found that White Widow strain is a relaxing substitute that affects immediately.

    • Give a lively and happier feeling

    In this modern era, several things are always ready to make us depressed. And when a person feels stress and depressed, it disturbs the entire routine of the day and also affects the workability of a person. This is where the White Widow helps us to cope with sadness, stress, and depression. According to a study, forty percent of the Sativa component in this strain makes our mind relaxed, and we feel less sad and depressed.

    • Use in treating cancer

    This Cannabis strain is widely used to treat cancer disorders. Many cancer patients use it to reduce the various discomforts caused by chemotherapy, such as loss of appetite, drowsiness, and pain. Moreover, this White Widow strain helps to kill cancer cells, and patients feel healthier and better.

    • Help in Minimizing Seizures

    Epileptic patients have found relief after using this strain. Apart from reducing the number of seizures, it also assists in treating fatigue and helps the patients to feel more relaxed. But this substance needs to be taken caution and a lot of care. If one takes incorrect doses, it can cause an increase in seizures, so always use with the full care and caution. 

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