What is Hemp Oil?

A Quick Science Lesson

Hemp is a fibrous plant that is a renewable source for many items. Hemp fibers can be used to make clothing, sheets, bath towels and more. Other items that may surprise you that are made from hemp are shoes, beer, paper, and twines.  Obviously, you have heard about hemp oil. The process of getting the oil from the plant is a simple concept but not entirely simple in process, due to the sanitation requirements and the steps involved.

Hemp seed oil and CBD oil are not the same thing. This confuses some people, so what is hemp oil? Hemp oil comes from the hemp plant seeds, for the most part. The seeds go through a process called ‘cold pressing’ which simply means they are pressed and ground at a temperature below 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The oil is extracted through this pressing process. CBD oil is far thicker because of the way in which it is collected. CBD is made from both the seed and the stalk of the hemp plant. Some CBD products on the market today actually incorporate some hemp oil into them to make them easier to handle, because the hemp oil is not as thick.

CBD oil is removed from stalks and seeds using a chemical process that may leave you concerned with the chemicals that have been used in this process. It’s possible for some of those chemicals to have been left in the oil, in trace amounts. These chemicals are likely to be petroleum products, and this is of concern to many people. Products such as naphtha are used. Naphtha is flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixture.

Hemp oil is safe, full of vitamins and nutrients, and has qualities that make it highly desired. Since the oil is only extracted from cold pressing, without an introduction of other chemicals, it remains natural. Unfortunately, this process will simply not work to create CBD oil.


How Does Hemp Oil Work?

Hemp oil is comprised of flavonoids, terpenes, and phytocannabinoids – phyto-compounds created by the plant. Mammals, including humans, have something called an Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Cannabinoids work with ECS to boost immunity, revitalize internal organs and help the body maintain a state of homeostasis. Homeostasis is the way the body works to maintain level metabolic function. If you had a gauge on your forehead, you’d be able to determine when this system was functioning at an optimal level. When it is not working at peak performance, you may notice symptoms, such as being dehydrated and thirsty constantly. This is often a symptom of diabetes but can also indicate that you’ve been overworking your body and it needs to be rehydrated now. When you drink fluids to replace those lost to sweat and exercising, your gauge would return to normal. This is how your body works but rather than having a gauge on your forehead, you must learn to feed it correctly and understand warning symptoms, such as thirst. Pay attention to your body when it speaks to you. 


What Can Hemp Oil Do for Me?

Some claims about hemp oil are proven and there are some claims that are false or unproven. What we do know is that hemp seeds are rich in vitamins and nutrients such as omega 6, omega 3, protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids and fiber - which is soluble. Hemp is teeming with minerals like magnesium and potassium – two things that a lot of people have issues maintaining. They have iron, chromium and calcium as well, amongst other benefits of hemp.

The high levels of essential fatty acids make it wonderful for increasing immunity in a natural way. Hemp is 75-80% polyunsaturated fatty acids, the good fats. These fats reduce risk of heart disease. Hemp seed can fight the aging process, such as cardiovascular health and effects on skin. Many reports exist that have conclusive data proving that linoleic acid in the oil can help to ward off aging. There may be additional benefits for those who suffer with psoriasis.


Hemp Can:

  • Help balance hormones
  • Help keep skin hydrated and healthy
  • Balance the diet, especially for vegetarians at risk of not getting enough Omega 3 or 6.
  • Can help balance blood sugar and be a low carb food additive for diabetics
  • Helps control psoriasis, which is caused by deficiencies in Omega 6 fatty acids
  • Helps protect the myelin sheet on nerve cells, preventing neuropathy damage
  • Hemp oil can help thin the blood to reduce the risk of blood clots or varicose veins


As you can see, there are many hemp oils uses for health. Women who have hormonal imbalances due to menopause can see some reduction in symptoms. Those who are aging can see a difference in the glow and elasticity of skin, a severe problem for many of us with age.

Anyone who is experiencing issues with foot pain, nerve pain, and especially with carpal tunnel, can benefit from hemp oil because it helps to protect the sheeting that coats those nerves and becomes irritated from repetitive use injury.

Many illnesses are caused by a deficiency in vitamin E and Omega 3 and Omega 6 in the body. Using the hemp seed oil can help to maintain your ability to ward off certain illnesses and issues that develop due to a lack of these omegas in the body. When you ask yourself ‘what is hemp’ these are your answers.


Some Cautions

There can be some potential side-effects with Hemp CBD which you may wish to avoid. Over-use, or dosages that are too large can result in diarrhea and loose stool. You may also experience cramps. These effects typically only accompany a dose too large.

Hemp oil is an anticoagulant. This means that you will have a more difficult time stopping a bleed in the event of an accident. If you are already on medically necessary blood thinners, you may not wish to use hemp oil and it is recommended that you speak to your doctor before using. This can apply to anyone on medications for clotting or who has had a history of blood clots.

If you have no history of clotting, what you will likely experience from using hemp seed oil on a regular basis is that when you cut your finger in the yard, you will bleed faster and longer than you used to. It won’t be life threatening to you if you are otherwise healthy and not on any blood thinners, such as coumadin.

Hemp seed oil shouldn’t be heated. Heating the oil will turn the composition of unsaturated fats in the oil into saturated, which completely changes the composition of the oil and it loses its nutritional value for which it is being used.


Will I Get High or Fail a Drug Test?

Hemp is raised specifically for producing hemp oil. Hemp has become an industrialized crop that employs thousands of people around the world and is a genuine form of agriculture. This industrialization of the plant has resulted in a strain grown for these purposes only. Psychoactive substances, such as THC, are not found in these industrial hemp varieties. They will not have any effect on you. THC is in marijuana and while hemp and marijuana are from the same family, the hemp used in this process is grown to not produce THC. In a nutshell, it is impossible to get high from hemp oil.

Drug tests are designed to specifically test for THC in your system. That is the psychoactive substance that causes the effect of being high. You will not test positive for THC, so you will not fail a drug test when one is administered to you. Hemp oil is almost completely free of THC and the traces of it are not enough to trigger a positive on a drug test.


Consume Hemp Oil or Use it Topically

Hemp oil can have benefit to you in ways other than being eaten and digested within your body. Some products that are now being made with hemp oil, or that have the oil incorporated into them in the final stages are soaps, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, pain creams, and massage oils.

Unrefined hemp oil doesn’t have a very long shelf life. It is recommended that you only purchase this in tiny amounts that will be used immediately. Refined hemp oil is typically used by the majority who purchase it for pain or for other personal uses, such as for ADHD symptoms. The oil has had a positive effect on those who are afflicted with ADHD and ADD. Parents have found this to be a great alternative to prescribed medications that can cause liver damage over time or cause other side effects and damage. For these uses, you will need to purchase refined hemp oil.

If you suffer from arthritis, you may receive the best help from the oil by using a cream that has the hemp oil added to it. You rub directly onto the area where pain is worst, and it works its way directly to the source of the pain, giving relief that is palpable within minutes.

For diabetics, there are many uses for hemp oil. As only diabetics know best, the skin gets very dry from their condition. Hemp oil can be rubbed directly on the skin which aids in the keeping the skin moisturized, but it also helps to protect the nerve tissue in areas like the feet and hands, where prolonged blood sugar problems can cause neuropathy that grows painful over time. Neuropathy is a condition that causes loss feeling in the limbs for those with diabetes, if left untreated a loss of blood flow to those regions will also lead to amputation. Hemp oil is also shown to improve blood flow in the areas of use. This helps improve circulation which improves the condition of neuropathy as well.


There Is Actual Research to Back Claims

Several extensive and in-depth studies have concluded that common illnesses are very often the result of imbalances in the body. Specifically, fatty acids in the body play an important role in immune systems. Many of our symptoms from things like the common cold, for example, are because of our deficiency in specific fatty acids. A proper diet is most often preached as the best way to stay healthy. Hemp seed oil helps to fill this gap and ensure that you always have a plethora of fatty acids in your body when you need to call upon them.

Some people are simply deficient in certain fatty acids because they have poor diets. Other people have a genetic preponderance to be deficient in certain fatty acids as well as some vitamins and minerals. If you fall into this category, then it is essential that you supplement with your diet to help boost your immune system and help your body maintain that ever important homeostasis

The lack of certain amino acids can increase the odds of cancer in some people. There is no proof that hemp or CBD oil can cure cancer but there is hope that by adding those amino acids into your system, vial the oil, you can keep a cancer from effecting your body or possibly assist in the ridding your body of it. More extensive research needs to happen but so far what has been done remains hopeful.

A lot of research has been done on the ability of hemp seed oil for those with ADHD/ADD. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder makes it very difficult for children and adults to focus or remain calm. Attention Deficit Disorder is similar without the physical hyperactivity. Both situations are greatly assisted with the use of hemp oil. Parents and adults who suffer with symptoms of ADHD/ADD indicate that the ability to focus is greatly improved with hemp oil. The mind is quieted, and they can focus better in classroom and at work. As you might imagine, this can improve their quality of life in a dramatic way.


How Long Does It Take to Begin Working?

If you are new to hemp oil, you’ll likely want to start with a small dosage and work up. This will ensure that you don’t have any bowel issues, stomach upset or cramps. Some people encounter headaches as a side effect. Eating something with the oil in it will stop that problem, just don’t add it to food that is hot.

For many people, the oil begins working within minutes. It has a lot to do with how you are using the oil, so let’s go over it. Your choice will depend on your need for treatment and the time and places where you will need to take your dose.

If you are taking oil with food, it may slow down absorption time and will likely digest with food, so it can take approximately twenty minutes to a half hour to begin feeling the benefits. If you are using the oil in a lotion and rubbing it directly onto an affected area, such as sore knees, it may take as long as two hours to be fully absorbed into the joint and begin working to give you relieve.

Taking the oil by vaporizing with a vaping kit bought at a local vaping shop or online, will give almost immediate benefits that you can feel within minutes. This is best for those who are dealing with chronic pain or extreme anxiety.

Sublingual absorption is generally felt within a few minutes up to fifteen minutes. Things absorbed under the tongue can enter the blood stream rapidly and be metabolized in that way.


Do I Have to Have a Diagnosis to Use Hemp Oil?

In short, no. Hemp oil is legal in all states and it has benefits for people of all sorts. Moods can be improved with hemp oil. Headaches can be alleviated with hemp oil. Some people will use hemp to make hair healthier by adding it to their shampoo. If you have trouble sleeping from time to time, taking a dose of hemp oil before bed is a great way to get to sleep. Hemp oil has been given to children with sleep issues, ADHD, autism, and more. You should follow recommendations for dosages.

Dosages vary, depending on your need for taking the oil. A good practice is to start with a very small amount. You might start with a dose the size of a half grain of rice, taken three times daily. If you do this for two weeks and are not quite getting the results you wish, gradually increase the amount per dose. Some people get a good result from 1mL per day of oil. Other people need far more than that, but perhaps they are cancer patients. You can’t overdose on it, so you will find that many people simply increase their dosage until they feel relief of symptoms.


Hemp Seed Oil Benefits Everyone

Vitaleaf Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Whether you are taking hemp oil, or have child who does, it dramatically can improve quality of life for you and your family. If you are not using it at all, it is still benefitting you because the hemp is a renewable resource which is beneficial to the entire planet. Do your part and support renewable resources like hemp. Buy hemp products like soaps and clothing when you can, there are even InnovetPet Dog Hemp Treats, InnovetPet hemp chews, and CBD Oil for dogs and cats!




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