Hemp Oil vs. Marijuana


There are many misconceptions and untruths that linger regarding hemp and weed, those who question is CBD oil and hemp oil the same, what’s the difference between hemp and weed and honestly believing that hemp is the same thing as marijuana, and it will get you high. This couldn’t be further from the truth and science proves this over and over, but people don’t always read about things they know little about, they just assume that what they are being told is the truth. Let’s do our best to clear-up the confusions that exist.


Basic Myths or Untruths Regarding Hemp and Marijuana


  • Is hemp the same as marijuana? – NO
  • Is hemp is smoked to get high? – NO
  • Is CBD used to get high? – NO
  • Is CBD only legal if you have a medical marijuana card? – NO
  • Is hemp oil is used to get high? – NO
  • Hemp and marijuana are both in the cannabis family – YES
  • Hemp has all the same properties as marijuana – NO
  • Hemp helps with the many of the same issues that medical marijuana does – YES
  • Is Hemp and CBD Oil the same thing? – NO
  • Does Hemp Oil have THC in it? – NO
  • Is Hemp Oil and CBD Oil the same thing? - NO


These are just a few of the basic things that come to mind for most people. Hemp and marijuana come from two different plants, but the plants are relatives of each other and have similar properties as well as some major differences. Because they are related to each other, those who are very staunchly against marijuana have lumped hemp products into the same category, without justification.

Marijuana users have long shouted about the benefits of use and it came to a head during the 1960s, but marijuana was used at one point in our history long before that. In the early 1900s marijuana was used freely until it was made illegal in 1937. This came at a time in America’s history when alcohol also was suffering due to prohibition. The main differences between alcohol and marijuana are that the latter is not addictive, whereas alcohol is addictive and damages the liver and causes other issues, like rupturing capillaries and hardening the arteries. Oddly, alcohol prohibition was lifted but marijuana remained the whipping boy, even causing people to serve long term jail sentences, even though it has medicinal value and is non-addictive.


Chemical Compounds and Their Meanings

Explaining some of the compounds and terminologies will begin to help educate you of the facts you need to know, in order to make wise decisions about hemp and CBD products, versus Marijuana.


The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

Endo” means within. The system within the human body that essentially means the internal cannabinoid system, is designed to welcome and receive cannabinoids into the body and put them to work. That is a powerful thing to come to understand. The human body has a system devoted to accepting and using cannabinoids. That means we are supposed to be using cannabinoids.



Has been around for as long as man, most likely. Earliest references to the plant being used for its medicinal properties was in China, more than three-thousand years ago.

Pieces of the plant’s fibers have been found in pottery, as a catalyst to strengthen the clay, in pieces of jars that were tested to be approximately six-thousand years old. Humans evolved to have an endocannabinoid system to help them process and use the plant and all its capabilities.



“Phyto” means plant. A phyto-compound, thusly, is a compound found within a plant’s structure and molecular make-up. So far, 66 phyto-compounds have been found of the cannabinoid family.


THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)

THC is the phyto-compound found within hemp and marijuana that is a psychoactive compound. What this means, is that THC is one of the compounds in the plant’s molecular structure and it has been found to influence the ability to think and react, among other things. THC is the single reason that people get high.


CBD (cannabidiol)

This is simply another phyto-compound found in hemp. CBD, in and of itself, has no ability to impair anyone because it doesn’t react with the receptors in the brain. These receptors are part of the ECS. There are two types of them. CB1 and CB2.

CBD has many benefits to the body for pain, seizures, migraines, nausea, metabolism, tremors and more. This is because when the receptor bonds with the CBD, it becomes unlocked to send neurons along the neural pathway in the body that block the pain signals to the brain.

With these being blocked, the body is given a reprieve from the symptoms that cause the issues. CBD even helps to block the constant barrage of thoughts that cause anxiety reactions from the brain, due to the over-stimulation that the thoughts cause. Therefore, CBD is greatly beneficial to people from all walks of life.


CBD oil

Is extracted from the hemp plant, which is industrialized and contains lower amounts of THC because it has been selectively bred to contain less. CBD is extracted from all the plant generally.

A full-spectrum CBD will have taken from the entire plant, ground up and mashed. This gives you a CBD oil that more balanced because some parts of the plant will have higher concentrations of CBD than others.


CB1 Receptors

These receptors are located within the body and are denser in the brain than in other parts of the body. They primarily interact with THC. Therefore, THC impacts the ability to use cognitive functions and fine motor skills, causing people to be ‘high’ or ‘stoned’ when they use marijuana.

Marijuana is selectively grown and cultivated to be higher in THC values. The THC is also much stronger in some strains that have been developed entirely for the purpose of causing this effect, for those in extreme pain, such as those suffering with cancer and chronic conditions that require this type of pain management.


CB2 Receptors

These receptors are located all over the body and primarily interact with CBD, rather than THC. Since THC values are under .03% in CBD products, you cannot get high, nor will you fail a drug test for using CBD oil unless you are using outlandish amounts. The odds remain low that you would fail a drug test for THC use.


Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil

Hemp oil is different from CBD oil for one reason. It is extracted only from the seeds of the hemp plant. CBD, as stated above, is extracted from the body of the plant, including leaves and stems.

Hemp Oil is sometimes called Hemp Seed Oil and is the same thing, only including the oil extracted from the pressed seeds of the hemp plant. Verified CBD oil is a great company that you can be sure you are getting the product that you choose, based on your needs.

Hemp seed oil is different from CBD oil in that it has a lower concentration of CBD in it. Hemp seed oil, however, is higher in Omega fatty acids, which makes it a wonderful supplement for those who are seeking to use it for the general health benefits and qualities that make it a defense from cancer-causing free-radicals.

That is the basic difference, it’s simple – hemp seed oil and CBD oil are not the same and don’t work the same way because of that difference. If you are mainly wanting a supplement to your diet that has great qualities, you’ll want hemp oil.

If you are in pain, have a chronic health condition, suffer with poor health and seek relief, you are going to want to use CBD oil more likely. 


What About Hemp Oil vs. Marijuana?

From all the information that has already been given, you should be able to come to the reasonable conclusion that Marijuana is from an entirely different plant, known as Sativa. That plant is grown solely for the purpose of getting people high, therefore containing high percentages of THC.

Marijuana is the strongest of the products that come from the cannabis family. You will want to get a medical card to use this and it should be prescribed by your doctor. It is an extremely helpful, natural way to combat extreme pain and helps to avoid addictive drugs often prescribed for pain, such as opioids.

Hemp oil is at the bottom of the list for intensity or strength. Hemp will not give you a high. Hemp will not impair your judgement or your ability to drive and do your day to day activities.

Those under the influence of marijuana should not drive or operate heavy machinery. Marijuana often makes people very sleepy, extremely hungry, and even paranoid to some extent. Hemp oil will not do any of those things.

Hemp oil has a great benefit in giving your body a healthy dose of omega fatty acids that play an important role in heart health, keeping the arteries from developing plaque and even helping to clear build-up of plaque that has already developed.

Hemp seed oil helps with blood pressure and can also help people stick to their diet by helping to regulate the metabolism. Hemp seed oil will introduce anti-oxidants into your body that fight free-radicals. Free-radicals are like rogues that cause cells to attack each other and cancer is known to be the result of free-radicals running amok in your body.

There are a lot of foods that you can eat to help keep your anti-oxidant levels high but not all people find that eating a healthy diet is easy. For some, they are more prone to these free-radicals and they need more anti-oxidants than they can eat in a normal diet.


One Caution – Hemp products have been shown to be anticoagulants. Hemp oil and blood thinners are not a good mix. If you are suffering from prostate cancer or taking blood thinners, you should avoid using hemp products and speak to your doctor if you have any concerns or questions regarding this.


Hemp oil also seems to help elevate the mood. It is believed that the serotonin receptors in the body can also be assisted by cannabinoids, helping to unlock the doors to mood improvement.

If you have a tendency toward mild depression, hemp oil may also give you the extra push that you need to get out of bed. More research needs to be done on the benefits of hemp seed oil, but it has proven helpful to many people who are very outspoken about how good they feel now. There are written reviews and personal accounts all over the internet and in publications that you can read.


The Legalities

As stated before, marijuana was declared illegal in 1937. Until 1996, when California became the first state to decriminalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes, it remained illegal. America’s “War on Drugs” has caused a lot of people who used marijuana, peacefully, to be sentenced to prison and to serve time in jail for possessing small amounts of marijuana.

The ‘war’ only hurt a lot of families and poor people. The sad reality is that addictive drugs, that have been manufactured and sold via pharmaceutical companies, have caused deaths and addiction but never have they been illegal to use.

Opioids are so addictive that after five days (5 days) of use, the average person is very addicted and will suffer withdrawal symptoms. This has led to people purchasing more of these pills on the black market and becoming caught in a hole they cannot dig out of, and far too often these people die.

Weed, another name for marijuana, is not addictive and can give people just as much pain relief as prescribed drugs that have been chemically manufactured by drug companies. It makes so much more sense of America to legalize this from shore to shore. Fewer people would die and this is a fact.

Thankfully, many states have heeded this new information and the public’s outcry for access to a plant-based, natural remedy. Several states have now decriminalized medical marijuana.

In 2017, CBD products (which includes hemp oil) were legalized nationwide because they were proven to not contain enough THC to be a psychoactive compound that would cause people to drive under the influence and are also not addictive.

This legislation was a monstrous step in the right direction for those who seek a natural method to control pain and enhance their lives without worry of overdose, addiction, or even any danger at all.

Hemp oil and CBD are so safe that even if your child or dog were to find them and get into them, the worst thing that would happen is diarrhea or sleepiness, depending on how much they ingested. This is a big relief when you consider the fear of a child or animal getting into prescription pain pills.

A dog that eats a bottle of Tylenol will cost you a few thousand dollars in vet bills because the stomach will have to be pumped and charcoal pumped into their stomach to keep the pills from destroying the lining of their stomachs.

A dog that gets into narcotics is going to probably die. A dog that licks some CBD oil off the counter will probably take a good nap and bark less than normal.

Now that you know what is legal and why it is legal, in fact you are an expert now, you should order some products and try them. You should also talk to people and teach them how they can feel better without the fear of prescription medication addiction.

People need to know and understand that using CBD isn’t any different than eating your vegetables. It’s a plant that benefits you. A really great plant that has huge benefits that will most likely continue to be learned as more and research is done. The scientific community is now paying more attention than ever, and it is likely that CBD products will be used more in the medical community as consumers demand it.

Additional materials are available all over the internet for you to learn in greater detail, if you so choose. You can purchase CBD and hemp products online or in local shops in your hometown.

Very few local ordinances have banned CBD products, mostly because of the lack of knowledge that local officials have in accordance with these products. Perhaps you can be the person to show-up at the next council meeting and teach them? Thousands of websites exist where you can learn about the products and order what you feel suits your needs the best.

You have no fear in using hemp oil or CBD oil so order some today. Remember that if you are under a doctor’s care and taking a lot of medications, you may want to discuss the use of hemp products to make sure that you don’t fall into a category of interactions, such as those who are in blood thinners.

The sky is the limit, so don’t stop asking questions and learning about the benefits. Spread your good news with friends and family. You all have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Many people have found a new lease on life, thanks to CBD products.



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