CBD Do's and Don’ts

CBD is a relatively new product that is part of a booming market. With the signing of the Farm Bill of 2018, hemp industry was legalized at a national level which seems to have given the go-ahead for use of the products for all people. There is a ton of information floating around on the internet right now as well. With the new product lines, there are new marketing agencies and new growers who are all in competition to sell their lines.

There are also investors who are seeking to earn as much on their initial investments as they can right now. It’s the beginning of a huge growth spurt and people are scrambling to be the first ones to get rich from the industry. Some will do this ethically and others will not. As there are always good people, there are bad people and it is largely up to you to determine which is which. You should always do your due diligence and research before you purchase anything, especially when buying CBD online.

It isn’t all about price either. Some products are absolutely fantastic and very reasonably priced while others are at three times the price point and not even as good. Learn about CBD products and a little about the industry before you jump off the diving board, let’s help you test the waters and get some general information about the CBD products, the industry, and how to use these products.

First of all, CBD is a great product, but along with the truth, there are embellishments and some ‘not so full disclosures’ by some companies out there who are concerned with making as much money as they can, as quickly as possible. Other companies exist that are exceptionally credible, but you may need to do some sleuthing to determine who is reputable and who is not. You also cannot just take everything you see on the internet as the ultimate truth either.

CBD is expected to be the next Microsoft. Investment research experts state that the market has only scraped the first 1% that is possible, and this means that everyone is vying for their piece of the pie. Making sure that you are dealing with a company that hasn’t sacrificed quality for money is important and the information here should help you on this path.


When It Comes to Sources

“Source” directly refers to where the hemp plants were grown and from which the CBD was extracted. You want to know where the oil you are buying was sourced from because hemp is a plant that easily and readily absorbs contaminants from the soil it is grown in. In fact, this plant can clean soils of contaminants by pulling them up and out, but that hemp should never be used for extraction of CBD oil by any means because those contaminants will be in your oil and then ultimately end-up inside of your body. When using pure CBD, you can expect it to help pull toxins from your body, so you want to use good quality CBD at all costs.

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CBD from other countries may especially pose a problem. Oils from imported from China, specifically, have been tested and found to contain toxic impurities. There are also some companies who may be sourcing their products from out of the country and blending synthetic oils with it and passing it off as purely CBD oil. Since products made with CBD should have testing made available to the public, do know where your products are coming from and don’t settle or purchase from a company that will not provide this information to you.


Are There Additives in the Products You Are Using?

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CBD oil alone is likely to be free of additives, but the extraction process might leave lingering traces of solvents that were used in the extraction process. It's important that you also know how CBD oil is made. If a solvent extraction process is used, alcohol or chemical solvent could be in your CBD. The best extraction process is via carbon dioxide (CO2). The CBD oil will bind to the CO2 molecules and then be extracted without adding any chemicals or solvents to the oil. If the oil has been processed via CO2 extraction, it will likely say so on the label because this is a major selling point.

If you are purchasing vaping oils, many of these have been modified to be used in vaping pens and have had flavors and scents added to them. Be cautious when purchasing manufactured products with additional additives. The CBD may have been well-sourced but the additives to the CBD may be harmful. Consider the ingredient list on any CBD product that is something other than plain CBD oil. Do know what else is in the ingredient list and if you cannot pronounce it, question it.


Make Sure You Are Compliant

Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp growing was made legal nationwide. This seems to mean that possessing hemp in all forms is legal. Do be aware that not all jurisdictions will know this, and the law is still hazy and could be challenged depending on where you live.

One thing that is industry standard, no CBD product may contain more than .03% THC. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that makes you high. By keeping the amount of THC to such a trace amount, CBD is not going to make you high and people don’t buy it and use it to get high.

To ensure the THC levels stay below the standard of .03%, each company tests their batches of CBD oil to prove compliance. All reputable companies pay to have independent third-party testing done as well and this third-party testing is available to all consumers. Most will have a link to the tests on their websites but will also be happy to provide you with the information if you ask. Do ask about third-party testing and know exactly what you are buying. Don’t purchase from a company that refuses to provide you with this information.


Know the Law Where You Live

As we’ve established, everything has recently changed but you should take the time to know what laws were on the books in your state as of the end of 2018. This may help you determine any backlash that could be received for purchasing and possessing CBD in your state right now. While we are unaware of any law enforcement agencies that are actively making arrests or challenging the Farm Bill assumptive laws at this point, it is best to know ahead of time what you may encounter. Do know your rights in your state and don’t take anything for granted. Some states considered CBD products to be the same as marijuana and you could risk arrest if you happen to find yourself in one of those jurisdictions with an officer who has had a bad day.


How CBD Works

The body has an Endocannabinoid System that produces cannabinoids within us every day that we are alive. This system was discovered in 1991. It has been found that this system plays an important role in regulating moods, pain signals, acting as an anti-inflammatory and more. It was only a matter of time before science determined that cannabinoids introduced from outside the body can also bond with the 2 types of receptors in this system to impact the body.

CB1 and CB2 receptors are located around the body, with CB1 being primarily located in the brain. THC bonds with those and this is why it has a psychoactive impact on the body. CBD bonds primarily with CB2 receptors and when this happens, lipids are formed that flow out into the neural network of the body and work to block signals that are repetitive such as pain, negative thought patterns, and those from chronic inflammation and conditions of all sorts.

When signals are sent to the brain, the brain responds accordingly, but when constant signals are sent, the brain can overreact and that causes constant pain, anxiety, panic, nausea, headaches, etc. Therefore, when CBD helps to block these signals, the body gets relief from the constant and chronic conditions that many suffer with, such as seizures.

CBD has been the subject of thousands of tests and research projects over the past twenty years. Much promise for this healthy life enhancement has proven. A drug for epileptics has been developed for the first time, with cannabidiol as it’s primary active ingredient, for example. CBD has a lot of benefits that are all being researched and there is a great deal of data from scientific sources online. Do know what the facts are from scientific sources and don’t just believe everything you are told.


You Are in Control

CBD is a product that has little regulation at this time. That could potentially change at some point in time but for now, people have a great deal of leeway in how they choose to use the products and in how much they use. For some people, this is a wonderful empowerment to use what they feel is necessary to make them feel best.

Some people will find this a bit alarming because they are used to a doctor telling them how much and how many times per day, they should take things. Most people are used to an over-the-counter medication that has instructions on the label and most CBD products will have recommendations but that’s all. This leaves many not knowing where to start or what to do after they start.


Understand some basic tenets:

  • CBD is not addictive. You will not find yourself hooked and having withdrawals if you miss a dose or decide to stop using it.
  • CBD is safe. There are no detrimental side-effects. Of the side-effects that do exist, they will go away if you reduce the amount you are taking and then start again with a lower dose, gradually building back up to the amount that helps your body the most with pain or other symptoms. Cramps, nausea, headache or diarrhea are the typically seen effects of taking too much too quickly. Start slow and ease into it.
  • CBD that is pure is not toxic and will do no harm to your internal organs.


With all of this said, you should start with a relatively low dose and gradually taper up. How you decide you’ve reached the proper dose is when you feel good. When you reach a dose that makes you relieved of symptoms to a degree that your life is once again enjoyable, you’ve found your dose. As your body gets used to the dose, you may need to increase it again in time, and you are absolutely free to do that at your own discretion.  Do know how to safely use CBD and don’t take it without keeping track of how much you’ve been using so that you can accurately dose yourself and adjust as necessary.


Understanding What CBD Does Not Do

Back to the statements and claims of people who want to sell products. It is important that you understand that while CBD can control seizures, relieve symptoms from almost every chronic condition that exists on the planet, ease pain, act as an antioxidant supplement to help ward-off cancer and even slow tumor growth, there is one thing that CBD cannot do for you. CBD will not cure you.

This fact may change but it is essential that you go into using CBD knowing that it will help you in the way that aspirin relieves a headache. It doesn’t cure you of underlying issues. CBD stops the signals that tell the brain to react to the issues that you have but it doesn’t stop the issues themselves.

If you find a site that is telling you that CBD will change your life and cure your seizure condition, you would be strongly advised to run from that site and go find another that will be truthful with you. Setting the proper expectation is important in any treatment plan, for any patient. If you set yourself up for success, then you’ll be successful. That rings true whether we are talking about your career or your treatment plan.

Someone who has had five seizures per day for many years and tried multiple medications to simple reduce those from grand mal to petit mal seizures will feel cured when they can completely stop seizures with one medication that they are taking on their own. As long as they continue to take their CBD treatments, they will likely stay under control and be somewhat normal in their life again, but should they stop using their CBD, the seizures will return full-force and remind them that at the end of the day, they have epilepsy.

Don’t mistake CBD for a cure and do understand that it is a wonderful enhancement to your life and can bring you much relief from symptoms, but it won’t cure you of anything as of yet. Science may change that someday. For now, set yourself up to be successful.


Who Can Use CBD?

CBD should be purchased by an adult. Some states have had laws stating 16 an older, others state 18 and older. Check local guidelines for age requirements. Purchasing aside, CBD oil can be used by adults, children, and there's even CBD for pets.

Products specifically made for children, to help with sleep issues, seizure activity, ADHD issues and more. CBD has proven both safe and effective in children and should simply be used with adult supervision. Watching for the afore mentioned side-effects should be done and the same guidelines apply in the event of any reaction.

Pets have products made for them now to. CBD infused dog treats by innoVetpet.Com, foods, CBD for dogs and cats, CBD for horses, and more are on the market to help your pet. When a dog has a bad case of separation anxiety, CBD is a great way to help treat this condition and is perfectly safe for them. CBD can also be given to the dog by dropper and the type of CBD is the same. Giving treats with CBD is just an easier way to get the compound into them without a fight, in fact the reviews on the treats seem to be good.

Animals also have an endocannabinoid system and they suffer with the same sort so anxiety that we can have. Dogs are quite susceptible to PTSD from traumatic events, particularly if you rescue a dog and have no idea what sort of abuse or neglect that they’ve suffered, CBD for pets may help you get them to calm down and begin adapting to a new environment.

Take into consideration that there are many different types of products and you don’t have to settle for one that seems difficult to use. Sprays can be put on dry food or on top of wet food, drops can be given orally, topical creams can be used for sores and hot spots. Think outside the box. Do be open-minded when it comes to trying CBD products and don’t be afraid of hurting a child or an animal because there have been no cases of an animal or child being harmed from CBD. It is a plant by-product that occurs naturally and has no known detrimental effects.

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