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But What Is It?

Many people are hearing about the new marijuana legalizations taking place around the country. Many states have even put this legalization up to a vote. With the legalization of marijuana, for medical purposes, in several states, CBD products began to hit the market and hemp products began to get a lot of publicity for all the potential uses in today’s markets. The products are all associated with each other, rightly so, but it has many people confused and wondering if these products are legal, and if CBD or hemp causes people to also get high, as we all know that marijuana does.

What does CBD stand for? Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a compound that is found within the hemp plant. It is a cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are present in industrial hemp plants, which are mostly grown for their fibers and for CBD products. Cannabinoids, such as CBD, are also found in sativa marijuana plants. These are the strains that grown to have higher levels of THC, versus the hemp plants that have lower levels of THC.

What is THC? It stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. This is also a compound found within both plants and this is the compound that gets you high. THC effects are like the symptoms of being drunk.  Motor skills are diminished, the ability to think quickly is dulled. In addition, some people are left feeling excessively sleepy and/or hungry. THC is a psychoactive ingredient and it is illegal unless you are properly licensed to possess it and you are in a state where it can legally be sold, in marijuana products. Right now, only a handful of states in the country allow marijuana use, but possession laws have been loosened in many places also. The war on marijuana is beginning to fade as the public learns more.

CBD and THC coexist in the plant until CBD is extracted and separated. So, when you are asking yourself, ‘what is CBD?’ the answer is simply that it is a compound, when extracted from the hemp plant as CBD hemp oil, it has many medicinal qualities and health benefits CBD has been shown to have many of the same benefits as marijuana does. Without the side effect of being high and unable to function normally. In 1996, when medical marijuana was first legalized in California, most people hadn’t heard of CBD and didn’t care about it. As marijuana growers started choosing strains with higher levels of THC and developing newer, stronger THC dense plants, CBD was effectively being ‘bred out’ of the plants.

It wasn’t until researchers began saving plants with higher CBD levels and growing them for the purpose of extracting CBD exclusively, that CBD began to make its comeback to the plants where it used to be relatively equal in parts to THC. Now, plants exist that have more CBD than THC. Now, newer strains have been developed that are so CBD rich, and so extremely low in THC, that people can use them and smoke them or ingest them, just like regular marijuana and have no effects of being high or stoned. Some consider this a big game-changer that is coming soon.

So now we understand that CBD and THC are two different things. One gets you high and the other doesn’t. They both have medicinal qualities and CBD has many of the same positive medicinal qualities that using marijuana with THC in it have.

When CBD oil is extracted from the industrial hemp plants, before it is marketed, it is checked for THC, as well as quality and percentages of CBD. It is regulated somewhat. Only .03% or less of THC is allowed in CBD oils that are marketed to the public. This is generally not enough to trigger a positive drug test because those are looking for THC exclusively. This will not give you any effects of being high. This means, legally, that anyone can use it.

The CBD molecule and THC molecules are identical in that they each have the same number of carbon atoms – 21. They both have 30 hydrogen atoms, and they both contain 2 oxygen atoms. The difference in them, and why the have differing effects on the body, is that these atoms are bonded in different patterns, forming differently shaped structures. This makes a big impact on the way the body can receive them and use them.

The body has a system that is called the ‘endocannabinoid system’ and it has two types of receptors, named CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are in the brain and THC primarily bonds to these receptors, which is why it has a psychoactive effect. CBD bonds with CB2 receptors, some of which are in the brain and some of them are scattered throughout the entire body. Therefore, CBD products do not get you high, or make you feel stoned, they don’t have a dramatic impact on the brain.

In fact, CBD is now legal nationwide, with few exceptions in local ordinances in some cities. This is completely due to their lack of understanding, because CBD cannot get anyone high and those who are drug seeking for that purpose, are not going to want CBD products. CBD is over-shadowed by many misconceptions and ideas that people have in their heads that are simply untrue. As more people learn about CBD products, their popularity has been exploding. It is said that only 1% of the potential market for CBD has been tapped, meaning that now is a great time to get involved with selling, investing, and using these products. People are starting to listen. CBD hemp oil benefits are many.


Research and findings:



Research proves that CBD reduces the spread of breast cancer cells, as well as prevents the invasion of cell multiplication and spread (metastization) to other cells within the body. This research was done at California Pacific Medical Center and was done on human cells.


In Israel, scientists found that CBD was able to lower the rate of diabetes in diabetic mice that were not overweight. Showing that with CBD, and controlling diet, diabetes can be controlled and even reversed in some cases.

Moods/Anxiety/Mental health

In Brazil, scientists have been testing the antipsychotic properties of CBD use. It has had positive effects on anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar, and more.

Acne and blemishes

In 2014, the Journal of Clinical Investigation published a report that said CBD showed promise to use as a ‘therapeutic agent’ in treating acne.


In Britain, tests on animals have shown that CBD has an ability to slow and even stop seizures as they occur in epileptic patient. Parents around the world have since begun using CBD oil for their children who are victims of seizure disorders with fantastic results.

Stem-cell Growth and adaptation

In Germany, scientists have discovered that CBD will stimulate new cell growth in the brains of adult mammals being studied. This is the opposite of what we were all taught that marijuana use would do.

Heart health

In 2010, the British Journal of Pharmacology published research that showed CBD can suppress a stroke, cardiac arrhythmia and reduce the damage to the brain from one of these incidents. Research was performed on animals.

Antibacterial qualities

The Journal of Natural Products, in 2008, published an article that stated CBD had a potent attack on MRSA staph strains. This was published by the American Chemical Society also.

Mad-Cow Disease

French scientists found that CBD shows promise in protecting the neurons in the brain that are the underlying problem with Mad-Cow. CBD seems to offer protection against molecular changes that cause the misshape of proteins which causes the deadly disease. As of now, there is not cure for this deadly disease, but this is a breakthrough that gives hope.


    Notably, CBD oil has been shown to help humans with a multitude of issues, as they share their stories daily with social media and through blogs and television interviews. Some of the other issues that CBD oil has helped others with include: Arthritis pain, rheumatoid arthritis, PTSD, depression, Crohn’s disease, weight loss, breaking cycles of addiction with alcohol and cigarettes, quitting illegal drug use, fighting liver disease, and many more stories out there.


    Quality of CBD

    As with any product, there are better product lines out there than others. There is little regulation in the market of CBD products. In some ways this is great, and, in some ways, it isn’t because it makes it difficult for the consumer who is new and not well-educated in all the product types and the varieties that are there for them. Many people have questions, so ordering products online can seem very overwhelming.

    You’ve already learned a great deal about what is CBD, how CBD works, what a CBD molecule is like, and more. We’ve cited actual case studies and research that show CBD does work to help millions of people. Now, where do you get it and which product should you buy? VitaLeaf Naturals is one of the places where you can find natural and quality CBD product line to suit your needs and your preferences. Let’s talk about some of the possible ways that you can use CBD, to get it into your system.

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    • Inhaling oil via vape pen is the fastest way to get the benefits to start working for you. If you are in pain or having an anxiety attack, this may be the absolute best method that you can choose. Specialized oils are made for vaping and you’ll need to purchase a vaping pen with cartridges or cannisters. There are any types of vaping pens and you may wish to do a little research or experimentation to find the one that you like the best. Many of the vaping pens on the market today can be personalized with tips and cartridges that upgrade the pens to suit your style and your needs. Additionally, vaping is extremely popular, and no one will know that you are using CBD oil, so if you feel the need to be private about using CBD oil, no one will have any idea that you’re vaping a flavored CBD oil.
    • CBD oil drops that you can take under the tongue is the next fastest way to get the oil in your system. There are two main varieties, namely Full Spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate. Absorption into the blood supply via the concentration of the capillaries under the tongue only takes a few minutes and you should be feeling better in about ten minutes. The drops can also be added to foods or drinks. CBD in coffee is a great way to take a dose first thing in the morning, if you are a coffee drinker. In this way, you’ll likely not even taste the CBD oil, which does have a flavor quite like the taste and smell of marijuana. Don’t worry, that’s normal, you don’t need to worry about getting high. You will also find that different types of CBD oil will have different tastes and you can buy tinctures now, that are flavored with peppermint and other appealing tastes so that you can enjoy it in mixed drinks, foods, or by itself.
    • CBD products exist that you can use topically, so if you are treating psoriasis you can put it directly on the places that you have flares. It also can be added into skin lotion and in shampoos for those who want to have healthy, shiny hair or are wanting to treat dandruff – yes, it helps dandruff.

    Heal.Soothe.Relief Balm

    As you can see, there are many ways that you can use CBD oil and, frankly, you are only limited by your imagination. Think about adding it to your shakes, drinks, using it as a salad oil, mixing it in with tuna salad sandwiches or in your morning coffee. It isn’t advised to try to use CBD as a cooking oil because it has a high flashpoint and will likely burn. It also will lose much of its benefit if it is heated, so you don’t want to literally cook with it.  Adding it after food is prepared is fine.

    CBD research is just starting to scape the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to possible uses and benefits. All the statistics gathered so far seem to show that it may be impressive in helping science to combat future diseases, chronic conditions and anyone who suffers from pain for any reason. As more is learned about CBD, and people are educated, it will be offered in more places and in more shapes and forms. This will be in addition to the CBD capsules, oils, CBD for pets, and infused products that are already available. VitaLeaf Naturals has many fantastic products and a learning page on their website that answers more questions and has a wealth of product information. This is a great place to start your CBD journey.


    Safe for Everyone in the Family, Including Pets

    CDB oil is safe. You cannot get high from it, you cannot overdose on it, and it doesn’t cause any ridiculous side effects that you need to worry about. If you start off taking too much CBD oil, you may get a case of diarrhea, some cramps, or even a headache. Simply back-off the amount that you are taking and give your body time to adjust to the oil more slowly. Once you have no more of the above effects, gradually increase your dose a bit at a time. These effects will not linger nor cause any damage.

    CBD products have even been used successfully to help the family pet with pain, like joint pain that frequently hurts them in their old age. If you have an older dog that suffers from pain, seizures, or any chronic condition, CBD oil may be just what you need to treat them with and avoid giving them medications that can harm their liver or kidneys with long-term use. CBD has fantastic results in treating anxiety disorders in dogs, such as separation anxiety.

    If you have children in the house and they get ahold of your CBD oil, because we know how children are, you won’t have to worry about poisoning, trips to the emergency room and possible death. If they take some CBD oil, they may fall asleep. They might get a headache or an upset stomach if they take a lot of it, but they are going to be fine. You can’t say this if they climb the bathroom counter and get anxiety pills out of the cabinet. No one must get their tummy pumped for ingesting some CBD oil. The same goes for the dog that gets into everything, or the curious cat. CBD is not harmful in any way, so you can relax when it is in the house and you have pets or children around.

    No one has ever been harmed by using CBD oil. It’s a natural product that vegans can take without concerns. The body has an endocannabinoid system that is there just for accepting and using the compounds from hemp plants. When you put it all into perspective, you realize that we all should be using CBD daily.

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