Full Spectrum vs. Isolate

With CBD products gaining in popularity, there are a lot of questions from people who are new to the products. One of the biggest confusions is learning the difference between full spectrum products and isolates. For those interested in CBD, how to use the products is a bit confusing but learning the lingo that describes the different types of CBD and the questions like what is full spectrum CBD? and what is CBD isolate? are valid questions that often go unanswered. It will make the most sense to you if you know how CBD works and how it is extracted. Let’s begin there.


What is CBD?

CBD is cannabidiol, one of 113 phyto(plant)compounds found in cannabis plants, like hemp. Of these, it is believed that only 80 are cannabinoids. CBD for commercial use is largely extracted from industrial hemp plants, which are grown specifically to have lower amounts of THC occurring naturally. THC is tetrahydrocannabinol and it is another of the 113 phytocompounds found in cannabis. THC is the compound that is responsible for making you high. The other compounds are still being researched and more information is being gathered to find out the ways that they can be of benefit.

Conclusive evidence has been shown that when CBD is isolated, it doesn’t seem to have the same benefit for seizures as it does when accompanied by the other compounds, so they seem to work together for maximum benefits in some ways. Far more research is needed to determine why, but it is very possible that having all of the phytocompounds together has a benefit. We will get back to this later.

CBD and other cannabinoids interact with the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) when they are introduced into your body. The ECS makes its own cannabinoids known as Anandamide and N-arachidonoylethanolamine (AEA). The latter is a neurotransmitter. The main part of the system are the receptors that bond with cannabinoids, CB1 and CB2 receptors. The ECS was discovered in 1991 by a scientist, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam. Right away, he understood the potential and the benefits that cannabinoids could have on the body and the healing properties that would be potentially found.

When THC is introduced into the body, it primarily prefers to seek CB1 receptors and bond to them. They are concentrated within the brain and the response is that they interfere with cognitive function and inhibit the ability to react to stimulus. THC is a psychoactive compound that interferes with the brain’s normal activity. This is the compound responsible for making you high. In medical marijuana, the cannabis sativa plants are used to have the higher levels of THC for maximum effect for the purpose of treating intense pain.

CBD, conversely, prefers to seek-out the CB2 receptors which are located in other areas of the body, with many located in the stomach area and midsection of the body. CBD is not a psychoactive compound, but it works in the neural pathways, traveling on the same pathways in the body as neural transmitters do, working as a sort of road block. When repetitive signals are sent to the brain, such as signals for pain, CBD bonds to the CB2 receptors and creates lipids that move along the neural pathways and ‘catch’ the signals before they can reach the brain and be reacted to, or even acknowledged. This is why CBD is the compound that has the most benefit in the cannabis plants that we have discovered so far. It is possible that other compounds will also have benefits as important but not fully understood as of yet.

This research led to the separation of CBD from the hemp plant, leaving most of the THC behind, and creating a product that won’t interfere with your ability to function but still give you the pain relief and health benefits of cannabis. Originally CBD oil was removed via a distillation process that was slow and not very economical as it left a lot of CBD behind. Gradually other methods were introduced, such as solvent extraction methods that involved add a solvent, such as alcohol or other chemical to the mixture of broken-down plant fibers. When the solvents are pulled out of the mixture, the CBD binds to them and is also pulled free. The problem with these extraction methods is that there is always traces of the solvent left in the final product of CBD oil which many people find troublesome.

A new way of extraction when CBD is made was discovered and involves placing the plant matter into a sealed container and pumping that container full of carbon-dioxide (CO2). The CBD will bond to the CO2 and can easily be pulled from the mixture. Traces of THC do cling and find their way into the CBD oils, but levels are minute, being less than .03% to be legally commercially sold. This is rarely enough to trigger a positive on a drug test, though it is not entirely impossible. Since carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring by-product of the human act of breathing, it is not harmful in any way at all.

PurCBD+ Full Spectrum PhytoCannaBinoiD Oil

Full spectrum CBD oil is created when the entire plant is used in the process for extraction. When the entire plant is used, you get the benefit of all of the other compounds that are in cannabis that we have not yet determined all of the benefits they may give to you. The lowest possible levels of THC are guaranteed through testing done by the manufacturers and also through third-party testing, to make certain that CBD cannot make you high.

Another method of extraction was created which involves molecular separation. This method is able to isolate the CBD compound and remove that compound only. This leaves behind THC completely, but it also leaves behind the other compounds as well. As has been determined in epileptics, that may not be beneficial for them or perhaps for other chronic conditions. That said, for some people, the guarantee of passing drug tests is reason enough to choose isolates over full spectrum CBD oil.

PurCBD Isolate

CBD isolate for sale can be found in powder forms and also as something that looks like hard rock candy. Therefore, if you are wondering what is CBD isolate and what is not, read labels clearly. Most products will clearly state on the label, right in front, if a product is a CBD isolate vs full spectrum. Labels will generally also state if a product was extracted via CO2 methods. If you have any questions, you should ask. This is particularly important to most people and if you care about what you put into your body, it should be important to you too.


Why Choose Isolate?

A benefit of using CBD isolate is that the final CBD product is extremely potent. You simply aren’t getting any fillers, it is all CBD and allows you to take smaller doses. Some people are struck by the fact it is more expensive but don’t realize they will use far less product at any given time, per dose. If you take CBD for calming effects that help anxiety, for example, you’ll get a lot of good from using isolate and it will allow you to use far less at one time.

When it comes to CBD isolate how to use it is really up to you. Using powder form you can add it to honey, take it under the tongue, add CBD to food just as you might with oil drops. There are few restraints when it comes to how to use your isolate powder. Many people enjoy adding it to a protein shake in the morning because the powder is easily blended right into their protein powder. Other choose to use the oil. They are nearly interchangeable in all circumstances.


Why Choose Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Full spectrum oils are simply more of a broad-spectrum source of oil and if you are looking for all of the healthful benefits of CBD, with additional side benefits (some of which haven’t even been discovered yet), then full spectrum is the way to go for you. You will get a lower concentration of CBD per dose, however. The cost of full spectrum is less to reflect the lower concentration of CBD and the more cost-effective extraction methods. Again, CO2 will be clearly on the bottle or the ad in most cases, but if you don’t see that, ask. The label will clearly state full spectrum, or even possibly say broad-spectrum. The terms are interchangeable.

Using CBD oil is simple as it can be added to food, drinks, taken directly under the tongue, used as a vaping oil in a vaping pen made especially for this purpose, infused with other oils to create salad dressings, added to cocktails by using flavored tinctures of the oils and is only really limited by your own imagination. CBD is easily incorporated into your life routines and no one else needs to know that you take CBD if you don’t want them to know. Unfortunately, there is still some stigma associated with CBD use because many people confuse it with marijuana and assume that people use it only for the purpose of getting high, which you now know is impossible and untrue.


Shopping for CBD Oil

We have discussed some of the things to look for when you purchase CBD oil or CBD isolate. Remember that pretty packaging isn’t everything. Transparency is important; you want to look for a company that openly gives you information, without bias. CBD isn’t a miracle cure, but it is an amazing product. CBD will not cure you of all that ails you, but it can definitely help you feel better, enjoy more calmness and peace in your life, feel less pain, and positively impact your mental state. CBD is life changing but don’t listen to claims of it being the cure for everything. CBD will enhance your life and make symptoms of chronic conditions fade to the background of the day so you can once again enjoy family, friends, hobbies, sports and other things that you’ve begun giving up as pain moved into those spaces of your life.

CBD can be a huge relief for you, but it is particularly important that your expectations are in the right place. You’ll also need some time to tweak your dosage until you get it exactly correct. Start slowly on CBD. A lot of people attempt to take a large dose right away, hoping to completely make symptoms go away. This is not a good thing to do because you will have certain side-effects from taking too much. When you initially purchase CBD products, look for a product that will allow you to accurately measure the dosage you take each time. Take a small dose at first, and if you are unsure of where to start with it, reach out to the customer service at the website you are shopping at. Nearly all of the bigger stores online will have live chat. Other shops will have easy to fill-out contact forms so that you can ask for their advice on where to start. Some products will come with a nice fact sheet that explains a normal dose, a large dose and do on.

If you take too much CBD oil at one time you will likely get diarrhea that can be quite badly. You can also get headaches or stomach pains/cramps. Don’t worry if it happens, it will go away if you stop taking the CBD and give your body a day to regulate, then start again more slowly. You absolutely should take more CBD if your symptoms are still there but do this tapering up slowly and keep track so that you know how much you are taking and how you feel. Keeping a journal to start might be a great idea. At the very least, write down on your calendar how much you took each day and at what times.

You’ll note when you feel the best and the worst. This will help you decide what times of day you need to add CBD to your schedule or increase your dose.

CBD has no harmful lasting effects, it is safe for children and products are made especially for them. You can also find CBD products for pets that will help them with pain associated with aging or injury. Dogs with separation anxiety also do very well when given treats infused with CBD.

CBD isolate for sale will clearly be labeled and should have a general description as to what it is and the indications for use. There are many websites that exist for finding recipes including CBD. Cooking with CBD is a popular trend and those who incorporate it into their lives in this way tend to be happier and more balanced in their routines. Changing how you cook is a healthy thing for most humans, since the vast majority don’t eat as well as we should. Adding CBD to your cooking routines and finding healthy recipes can not just give your body relief from pain but also help you get in better shape and lose some additional weight.


It’s All Up to You

Deciding between CBD isolate vs. full spectrum is totally up to you and your needs. If you work a full-time job that drug tests on a regular basis, perhaps you’ll feel safer with isolate? You are the one who has to decide, and you may try one for a while and then try the other. Now that you know where they come from, how they are made, and how they work in the body, you can make a more informed decision.

You get to decide where to make your purchase, how much to use, and whether or not your dose is good or if you need to increase it or decrease it. You have all of the power to make your own determinations when it comes to buying CBD products. You’re in charge of your health and this is a very empowering feeling. You don’t need to have concerns. CBD is not addictive, and it is a plant-based product that is as natural as eating your vegetables. In fact, it is good for you to use CBD and is full of omega oils that are heart healthy.

When someone asks you why you choose to use CBD products, you’ll now know what to say and help them to understand all of the benefits for adding CBD to your life. The more people know and understand, the more the market grows to meet the demands of an every-changing and rapidly growing industry that is sure to bring more jobs to the American economy.

Industrialized hemp is overseen by the US Department of Agriculture and in December of 2018, the Farm Bill was signed, making hemp a nationally legalized industrial crop for the very first time. This is exciting and will spur even more research for CBD oils, products, and ways that hemp can also be used.

Hemp has potentially to be used in building materials, clothing, textiles, medicines, and even in animal feeds. It’s a remarkably diverse plant that will grow the economy as people come to accept it and understand its many benefits to mankind.

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