An Athlete's Guide: How to Use CBD Oil for Pain

Athletes don’t have to be professional. Some people train for marathons because they simply take joy in running and it is a hobby for them. These people have families and work full-time jobs around rigorous training schedules. Injuries happen and aches and pains are a normal part of training. aWeightlifting is a sport and those who compete generally do it to no fanfare. Most people compete at amateur level but that doesn’t mean they don’t suffer the same injuries and pains, training stress, and sleep issues that professional athletes do. Athletes all around the globe are learning about CBD oil. Retire professional football players are using CBD oil and one of them even has his name on a line of CBD oil.

Famous people are advocating for the use of CBD oil and lending their names to products, like Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong. CBD is sometimes called a miracle and hemp as the plant that will save the world. Hemp plants are easy to grow, it is a highly sustainable crop and can be used for many things, including paper goods that we are killing trees over. Hemp grows over the course of a few weeks. Trees take 30+ years. It is like comparing apples to oranges. Industrialized hemp has been legalized all across American and it could bring more jobs, as well as providing more CBD products. It’s exciting to millions of people.

Why would professional athletes use something like CBD oil? The answer is because it works. When you learn how to use CBD oil for your training and workouts, you’ll also become an advocate for the benefits of using CBD oils for pain. You should be an advocate for hemp as a plant for all of the reasons mentioned. It is good for the entire plant in the same way CBD is good for you.


Safety Concerns

CBD is perfectly safe for athletes to use. It’s a healthier alternative to prescription pain pills, over-the-counter pain remedies, and even better for you that ibuprofen or Tylenol. CBD will not upset your stomach; in fact, it will help settle your stomach and ease bowel problems. This makes it a wonderful remedy for nausea and is used by cancer patients for this very reason.

CBD is not addictive. You can take it as you like without concerns of becoming addicted or putting your body through any type of withdrawals. When your body is on CBD, it will actually become healthier. There is no sluggishness that accompanies CBD use. A pulled muscle is painful, and doctors will often prescribe muscle relaxers and antibiotics, sometimes pain-killers as well. CBD can relieve your pain, works as an anti-inflammatory, and also eases pain.

The difference is that the afore-mentioned drugs will make you sluggish, with brain fog, and often unable to train. CBD will help you keep your head in the game and allow you to continue work-outs with reductions or modifications to not cause further injury. If you pulled your bicep, for example, you can still do stationary biking or other type of cardio that isn’t overly heavy on the arms if you use CBD oil. That won’t be possible if you are taking tramadol and pain pills.

Tramadol is frequently prescribed for strains and pains. It can cause nausea, tiredness, dry mouth, and even seizures are possible. There are none of those effects from CBD oil and certainly no risk of seizure. In fact, CBD oil is used as an anti-seizure medication.

CBD is used by people from all walks of life. You can use a CBD oil dosage for sleep, regardless of who you are or even your age. Children can take CBD oil for sleep problems which are typical in young children. Kids with ADHD and who are on the autism spectrum may have problems getting to sleep and it is perfectly safe to use for them. It will make you go to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. This is helpful for athletes too. You can’t train if you aren’t rested. You can’t compete when you are exhausted and sleep-deprived. CBD can make a good night’s sleep reality. CBD oil dosage for sleep can be as little as half a dropper at bedtime. It begins to work quickly if taken under the tongue for faster absorption into the blood stream.

Overdoses don’t happen in the way that they do with prescription medications. You can’t die from taking a little too much CBD oil. The worst that can happen if you take too much at one time is that you could have diarrhea, headache, nausea, or severe cramping in your stomach and bowels. Stop your next dose, then reduce the amount you are taking at each dose and you’ll return to normal. For that reason, start slowly on CBD.

CBD oil dosage is largely left up to you to determine but there are recommended dosages for you to start with. Half a dropper, or one dropper at a time is enough to start. See how that makes you feel. A good CBD dosage for pain is a full dropper, when you need it. Some people just need to start a little slower than that.

When you take CBD oil for pain, you just take what you need until your pain subsides. That all you need to know about how to use CBD oil for pain really. Take what you need, when you need it. If you have any symptoms mentioned above, lower your dose and let your body get back to normal, start again more slowly. You will not have harmful, long-lasting side-effects. You will not ruin your liver or damage you kidneys from taking CBD oil. That can’t be said of all prescription medications.


Won’t I Get High?

The simple answer to this question is no. There is some background information that you need to understand this. If you’re going to use CBD, then you should thoroughly understand how it is going to be used by your body.

CBD is short for “cannabidiol” and it is a phytocompound found in cannabis plants. There are several types of cannabis plants. Some of them are grown specifically to have higher levels of THC, which is another phytocompound found in cannabis. You may have heard of THC. It stands of “tetrahydrocannabinol” and it is also in all cannabis plants. “Phyto” means plant, so simply said, a phytocompound is a compound found within plants.

The human body as a system that was discovered in 1991, called the “endocannabinoid system” and it produces its own cannabinoid compounds. It has two types of receptors that receive and process the cannabinoids. These have been called CB1 and CB2. When cannabinoids from outside sources are introduced into the body, they can also interact with these receptors. When THC is introduced into the human body, it primarily bonds with CB1 receptors. They are primarily located in the human brain. Therefore, THC has a psychoactive effect on the body. You get high from THC.

CBD is extracted from hemp plants without the THC. While there are trace amounts of is, they must be less than .03% to be marketed to the public. CBD bonds with CB2 receptors. These receptors are located largely in the gut but also scattered around the body.

When CBD binds to a receptor, a lipid is formed. This lipid is then sent out to the neural pathways, where it travels along this pathway like a system of roads and highways. The neural pathways are how signals travel from the body to the brain, giving it messages to react to thoughts, pain, injury, nausea, and more.

The lipids intercept these signals and stop them from delivering their messages to the brain. This is how pain is blocked. Negative though patterns are also blocked which is how CBD helps those with mental health issues and depression. The constant negative thoughts that lead to depression are effectively blocked from reaching the brain which improves mood. CBD oil and antidepressants work in totally different ways. Some antidepressants can take weeks to begin to work for someone with depression. CBD oil actually works the same day, typically within the first hour that you take a dose.

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CBD oil for pain is the same. It works within minutes and you should feel the full effects very quickly. It makes a difference how you deliver your dose to your system as to how fast it takes effect. You have several choices and there are reasons why you may choose one method over another.


Choices in Dosage Types

Some people don’t mind taking oil drops under the tongue and these are one of the fastest ways to get CBD into your blood stream where it will be carried to receptors and begin working. If drops aren’t your thing, you can investigate other methods. You may experiment a bit until you find what works the best for you. Everyone is different and with so many new products in the CBD market, you have choices from many things.

Edibles are made that you can order. If you are seeking a small dose of CBD oil, you may wish to seek one of these. Gummy candies and hard candies, even sugar-free ones, are made for the person who just needs a small dose at one time and doesn’t want the taste of CBD oil. CBD oil is a specific flavor that smells and tastes like all cannabinoids. Some oils are specifically made to remove the terpenes and flavonoids that cause the taste and smell, but it will still have a unique flavor that you may not care for. If you find this is the case, then have no fear, edibles are made for you.

Adding drops into your foods, or a cup of coffee is an immensely popular method for taking CBD oil for pain and using it in morning coffee is a great way to start your day and get your dose of CBD without forgetting it. Speaking of forgetting, CBD may help improve memory. Adding it to caffeine can help super-charge your day.

There are websites that exist specifically for cooking with CBD oil. You can find amazing recipes for free and you’ll be amazed at how easy cooking with CBD oil is. CBD oil can be paired with olive oil and drizzled on salads. Add CBD oil to honey and then whip honey butter to use on toast, on bagels, and everywhere you can think of.

CBD oil can be purchased in creams, skin lotions, shampoos, snack foods, flavored drinks, candy, baked goods, flavored tinctures that can used to make foods, syrups and cocktails. It is almost endless. There are no limits to the things that you can dream up. Don’t try frying foods in CBD oil. It will smoke and it also breaks down at that high of a temperature.

Have a pulled muscle that is burning? Use a CBD lotion that you can apply topically. You can also take CBD orally for the same thing, such as CBD Hemp Capsules. Few other treatments will give you so many options to deliver your dose into your body.

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Are There Any Reasons Not to Use CBD Oil?

CBD is very safe and easy to use. It’s an accessible option for people, with many ways of onboarding it into your system.

CBD was used to help develop the first-ever cannabidiol medication being used for epilepsy. It was approved by the FDA and this was an enormous boost for the use of CBD products.


CBD is helping people with:



This is a partial list. Many people use CBD oil for supplemental reasons as well. CBD seems to have properties that have the ability to reduce the size of tumors. This may have potential to be an effective cancer deterrent and slow the spread of cancer in those who already have been diagnosed.

The only people who should be cautious about using CBD oil, check with a doctor, or not take it at all are those who are on medications that thin the blood. CBD oil also thins the blood and may react poorly with these medications, causing a ‘double-duty’ that isn’t healthy.

Everyone else is fine to use CBD oil for pain management and you can use it for children or even pets. There are CBD infused dog treats that you can give to dogs. They help with anxiety associated with separation anxiety but can also help an elderly dog with arthritis, or a dog with a sprain or injury. They pull muscles too. Many people don’t stop to think that dogs are athletes too.


Additional Benefits of CBD Oil

Aside from using CBD oil for pain, you will find that CBD oil gives you intense focus and elevates your mood. CBD has been found to also interact with Serotonin receptors in the human body. Serotonin plays an important role in maintaining moods. The general effect of taking CBD is that you have more patience/tolerance. You’ll feel less stress and your focus will be laser-like. Imagine the impact that this can have on a solid training program. If you are looking to get some help being in ‘the zone’ then CBD oil will likely have a lot of additional benefits for you.

Those with ADHD already knew this and the rest of the world is just now learning how wonderful it can be to slow down and focus on the things that are most important. CBD will help you do just that. Those with depression find that CBD oil elevates them from the dark places the mind can wander to. As an athlete, whose endorphins kick-in from a good run, CBD can help you have that ‘runner’s high’ for longer periods of time and make it a regular part of your life. You’ll sleep better, your appetite and metabolism will level and improve. If you’ve been trying to lose additional weight, CBD has been known to help with that as well.

CBD isn’t a cure-all. CBD, in fact, doesn’t cure anything at all. There is a lot of hope by researchers that CBD will lead to cures for many things eventually. For now, more research is necessary to make these discoveries. The journey is an exciting one though, and you can get in on the benefits of everything that CBD can do. It is a tool, an aid, a life-enhancing product. When you use CBD and how to use CBD oil are the two main things you need to know, and you are well on your way.

Make sure that you find a good source for your products when wanting to buy CBD products, choose American made so that you know it has met basic guidelines and regulations. Look for products that have voluntary third-party testing available to prove they are meeting guidelines. Full-spectrum products are preferable to give you a more stable concentration of CBD in the oil, opposed to the products such as hemp seed oil that only come from the seeds which have a lower level of CBD in them.

Don’t be afraid to ask more questions, read more information and not listen to all that you are told. Those who continue to learn will be the people who have some of the best successes with CBD oil use. Knowledge is power, after all.

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