CBD Healthy Benefits You Need to Know

You’ve heard about CBD oil and you wonder if it might be right for you. If you are like most people, you have a lot of questions concerning the potential side-effects, the reasons that people are using CBD and what sort of benefits can be had from using CBD. Health benefits of CBD oil are many and it is time that you started getting in on the goodness of it all.

CBD oil is also known as cannabidiol oil and it is an extract of the hemp plant. Hemp oil and CBD oil are essentially the same thing but sometimes CBD can be extracted from Cannabis sativa (marijuana) and it will be labeled as marijuana CBD oil. Hemp oil may mean hemp seed oil, and to be sure you must read labels and understand clearly what the product is. Hemp seed oil is pressed from the seeds of the hemp plant alone. The levels of CBD in that area of the plant is weaker than other parts of the hemp plant. Therefore, hemp seed oil is not as strong and may not be as effective for your needs, depending on what those are.

Healthy hemp oil is taken by millions of people for pain, for mental health issues, and even as a supplement. Let’s take a look at all the ways hemp and CBD oil are helping people all over the world, while learning about CBD and why it works.


Quick facts about CBD:

  • It doesn’t make you high
  • It is natural with no additives
  • It will not cause any lasting side-effects or damage to the body
  • It is not addictive
  • It is safe for even pets and children
  • The 2018 Farm Bill made industrial hemp a legal crop only a few months ago
  • The industry is booming and there are some marketers out there who will mislead you, learn all you can.


These are some simple facts to know up front. Now let us discuss the top 7 healthy benefits of CBD. The benefits of CBD oil are remarkable and wide-ranging. We will cover those things that are most popular.



CBD has been used for seizures for years, starting with use of marijuana. Many people chose to use marijuana illegally for a long time, risking imprisonment to be able to treat themselves or their children with something that worked without side-effects. When medical marijuana became legalized in California in 1996, and Colorado in 2012, families made the move so that they could treat children with seizures and tremors. Families who lived in states where it wasn’t legal faced the risk of prosecution for giving their children marijuana or any of the derivatives thereof. Rather than risk it, and for the benefit of their children, many of these families made the mass exodus and traveled to the states where they could treat their kids naturally. The cannabis products are so effective at stopping seizures or minimizing them to small and rare, that the scientific community took notice and began working on ways to create medication for this chronic condition which afflicts approximately 50 million people, worldwide. Seizures can be caused by other reasons besides epilepsy, but scientists have developed a medication and it is the very first prescription drug made with cannabidiol (CBD) as its main active ingredient. Epidiolex was the product of many years of research. It is not pure CBD though and many people opt to just use CBD oil rather than the prescription drug. Still, this was a huge step for the medical community to embrace CBD, a cannabinoid. More research will undoubtedly lead to more treatment options for people who suffer from other conditions as well.



Chronic pain can be the result of injury or disease and CBD has proven to be highly effective for pain relief. The reason that CBD works so well is because it works with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in the human body which produces its own cannabinoids.  When cannabinoids from outside sources are introduced, they can also work with the ECS and kickstart things to happen. When CBD alone is introduced into the body, it can interact with the CB2 receptors which are located around the body and densely in the gut region. When CBD bind with these receptors a lipid is created that can travel the neural pathways and works like an offensive lineman, blocking anything trying to get through. What that means is that when nerve endings detect pain and try to send that signal to brain, which will result in reactions that cause you to feel the pain intensely, the lipids will block those signals from ever reaching the brain. There will be no reaction to a message never received. It seems so remarkably simple, but it is highly complex in how it all happens, and the implications of this one simple act of blocking messages is astronomical. Pain blocking is the tip of an iceberg.



Just as it can block pain signals, CBD can block repetitive thoughts, especially negative ones. Most people who suffer from depression have issues with the thought patterns they are receiving, constantly bombarding their brains. The other part of this puzzle for mental health issues is that CBD can interact with the same receptors that interact with serotonin. CBD seems to be able to help the body normalize the levels of serotonin and dopamine, both of which control your moods. Additionally, people who are prescribed medications for their depression will often experience negative side-effects, find these drugs habit-forming and suffer withdrawal symptoms that can make their conditions worsen, and prescription drugs can take weeks – sometimes up to 6 or 8 weeks – before actually working. CBD will begin working within minutes and can elevate your moods within a few minutes to a couple of hours. There is no risk of becoming dependent on CBD oil either. Pure natural CBD oil, with no additives in it, will not cause addiction, nor will it harm your body. Take it today and feel better today, not in a couple of months.


Post-traumatic stress disorder

PTSD is a profoundly serious condition. It can cause hallucinations and mental breakdowns for those who suffer through it. It is the result of a trauma that has happened to a person, which leaves them so terrified to the core that events may trigger them into believing they are reliving that traumatic experience. In their mind, they are right back where they were the day the trauma happened. PTSD is a common issue with members of the armed services who have spent time in war zones, but it can be suffered by victims of child abuse, sexual assault, accident victims and more. Any time trauma has happened, PTSD may be a result. PTSD sufferers should definitely seek counseling and therapy to help them learn how to cope with negative thoughts that begin to start triggering them in everyday life. Knowing and understanding your triggers is the beginning to healing. CBD can help to block the thought patterns that result from being triggered in the first place and help you to relax. Those with PTSD report dramatic reduction in the overwhelming anxiety that overcomes them when PTSD triggers happen. CBD is an amazing option for those who don’t want the mind-altering THC in their system from marijuana use. CBD gives you all the healthful benefits without the psychoactive ingredient, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that is in marijuana. Marijuana, it should be noted here, can actually cause these issues to be worse because THC can contribute to paranoia and anxiety. CBD will not have this effect.



Diabetics can benefit from the use of CBD oil because it helps in the gut region of the body. Metabolism is helped, the pancreas can be stimulated to work better, and equilibrium can help be brought to the body, resulting in more stable blood sugars. CBD is not a substitute for regular diabetes medications or insulin, but it can help you potentially have to use less of them. Please, remember to keep checking your blood sugar and tracking it. For diabetics who have begun having complications from the disease, CBD can also work toward stopping some of the joint pain and it may help with eye health as well. More research needs to be done. The best CBD oil for diabetics is the purest form that you can get, such as a CBD isolate that has been separated down the CBD molecules alone. This should help boost your metabolism and your immune system, both of which are issues for the diabetic.


The Neural system

The central nervous system is subject to damage from many diseases and also from injuries and even from lack of proper nutrients such as B vitamins. CBD is a neural protectant. It helps to keep nerves healthy by bringing lipids to it that are constantly pulling nutrients, omega oils and vitamins into the nerve cells. For patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy, CBD may help to stop the stinging, itching, and burning of damaged nerves cells. CBD has been shown to help stop the horrible pain for those with Diabetes, pinched nerves, and more. While nerve tissue is repairing after accidents, it can cause painful burning and sharp stabbing pain, which CBD is also capable of reducing and making life manageable while you heal.


Cancer pain

Patients who have been treated for cancer, through surgery, chemotherapy, or a combination of the two, find that CBD helps alleviate the pain of surgery, the lesions that form scar tissue that is painful, and the nausea that is specifically related to chemotherapy. Some cancer patients are in such debilitating pain that marijuana is prescribed because they honestly need the psychoactive ingredient to help get them out of their body a bit, but many patients are able to take CBD oil. A pure CBD tincture or isolate should be used for these cases. CBD is full of antioxidants which are known to have slowed tumor growth and begun to kill cancer cells in lab rats. There is much hope and feeling that CBD can help people avoid getting cancer if they take CBD oil as a supplement because the free radicals that would cause cancer are killed by the antioxidants. For those who already have cancer, they may be able to slow the growth of tumors and give themselves more of a fighting chance to beat cancer for good. There is likely to be a great deal more research when it comes to CBD oil for cancer treatment.

    Depending on what the issue you are treating is, the method of CBD use can vary also. You should become a bit educated on your options. If you are someone who is either in a lot of pain that can come on suddenly, or suffers panic attacks or PTSD, you may wish to take your CBD via a way that will hit your bloodstream and begin working as fast as possible. Breathing CBD oil into your lungs might be your best option, as long as you don’t have COPD. Smoking CBD with the vaping pens on the market is easy and doesn’t have to taste bad. Many flavored CBD vaping oils are readily available, and you can even make custom flavors in some shops or by buying the flavors and mixing your oil at home. It isn’t hard to learn how to do and you will rest easy knowing that you can take a few puffs from the vape pen and feel better within a few moments.

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    If your condition is such that just taking a daily dose at certain times of the day will maintain levels in your system that are beneficial, then you may choose from many methods. CBD oil, CBD capsules, drops, flavored tinctures, CBD edibles and more. Ready made drinks are available and so are candies. There is a way to consume the CBD you need each day, no matter what your thoughts about it is. Dream your way to new recipes and learn to cook with CBD. There are websites dedicated to cooking with CBD oil and you can add it to just about anything that you’d like.

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    CBD hemp oil benefits may be a bit different than CBD oil. They are both hemp products, but hemp oil products are often actually hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is not as strong as CBD oil because the seeds of the hemp plant have the lowest concentrations of CBD of the entire hemp plant. For best overall value, you should look for a full-spectrum CBD oil. This means that the entire plant was used in making this bottle of CBD and therefore the potency and overall blend of oil is more stable across the board. You’ll have a stronger, more balanced blend.


    The Future of CBD

    CBD products are just scraping the tip of the market. Only about 1% of the total number of people who can be helped by this product are using it. That means that much remains to be learned and to be taught. Be an advocate for your own care. Read all that you can and learn about the products that are out there for your condition. Understand that some places will make claims about products that just aren’t true.

    CBD isn’t a cure. No one should say that CBD will cure you of anything. There is hope that it may help cure some conditions one day in the future, but that could be a long time in the future. For now, what we do know is that CBD has great potential and it can give people in pain a break from the vicious cycles of pain that they live with. Pain shouldn’t be the only way you know how to live.

    As with epilepsy, CBD has the potential right now to relieve you of symptoms associated with your condition, whether you have a bad back or fibromyalgia, CBD could be what gives you the most relief. With the legalization of industrial hemp growth across the United States, thanks to the Farm Bill signed by President Trump in December of 2018, the industry has rapidly grown, and more and more products will soon be available for use. Hemp is also a renewable source for paper and textiles. People are experimenting with it as a building supply, creating panels that look like cement and weight less than half.

    Hemp is set to become one of America’s biggest crops, creating jobs and growth in a brand-new industry that will likely put many Americans back to work by creating a crop that can be grown here and manufactured here. People are calling hemp the crop that will save the world because of the sustainability of the crop and all the things that it can be used for. Hemp may not save the world, but it will definitely boost economies anywhere that it is grown. It can do no harm to the planet or the people on this planet, unlike so many other things.

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